Hey guys. I have some absolutely stunning news for you guys. Just a few minutes ago. Before you go any further look at this tweet—
“DBS Episode 123 provisional title

“Unleash the entire power of mind and body!” —@KenXyro

I can barely control my excitement as this episode is just after the Vegeta episode, which is episode 122.
Now, look at this tweet—
“Unleash or Unleashed, whatevs.
“Entire power of mind and body” being a 4 character compound + “entire power”, commonly used for someone putting in all their effort into something so my guess is this is about Vegeta going all out.” —@KenXyro
This is crazy as hell! I mean it is possible that Vegeta is going to use Ultra Instinct in DBS episode 123. If you don’t know about the spoilers of DBS episode 122, then don’t worry I got you covered.

The fight will air on January 7th, 2018. So far Vegeta has been fighting trash in the Tournament of Power and whenever a serious challenge comes up, he’s beaten to well…a pulp. This will be the first time that Vegeta is going to fight a big name arguably the biggest name in the series. The fans are certainly hoping that it doesn’t end in the same manner as Vegeta vs Hit. Hit was toying with Vegeta during the fight. Seriously, I doubt that you can call that a fight. After seeing Jiren fight with Son Gokū and Hit, we know that Super Saiyan Blue is useless against him.

Vegeta needs a power up to fight on equal footing with Jiren. The most likely power up that Vegeta can get is Ultra Instinct and the title of this episode kind of proves that Vegeta Might be getting Ultra Instinct after all. This is the chance for Vegeta to take the central stage and prove that he too can stand up to the strongest characters in the series.

So Vegeta has finally got his chance, it is a possibility that he can take down Jiren for the sake of keeping his promise to Cabba. As a Vegeta fan, I sincerely hope that this becomes the truth.


DBS Episode 122 Spoilers

Hey guys. Today was another big day in Dragon Ball Super and its Tournament of Power. We witnessed the elimination of another universe from the Tournament of Power. In the previous episode, there was there was the elimination of Universe 2 and Universe 6. In today’s episode, it was the turn of Universe 4 to get eliminated.

All the fights were a big let down as everyone was hyped Universe 4 might force Universe 7 into trouble. However, that wasn’t the case. Anyway, we move forward to the possible spoilers for DBS episode 122. The title of the episode is “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!” The title gives a fair hint towards the fight between Vegeta and Jiren. However, it may be an unintentional parallel to a line from Dragon Ball Z.

For this, we need to go back to DBZ episode 281. The title of the episode is “Pull Through, Vegeta!! One Life-Threatening Minute.” In this episode, Gokū tells Vegeta that he needs one minute to charge his power in order to destroy Buu.

Vegeta obliges and says that he will buy the required time. Gokū hesitates and tells Vegeta what he’s doing is total craziness. Vegeta asks Gokū is there any other way, to which Gokū falls silent. So, Vegeta replied, “I’ll buy you that one minute. I’ll stake my pride on it.”

Before going to fight, Gokū tells Vegeta that he will die permanently if Buu manages to kill him. Coincidentally this was the exact thing that Toshio was reading when wrote about a cool Vegeta. Toshio is not the writer of DBS Episode 122, but it is possible that the other members of the team were inspired by the same thing which Vegeta did in the Buu Saga.

I still think it’s interesting to see the parallels here: in both cases, Vegeta staked his pride on challenging a much stronger warrior. The result wasn’t so great the last time when Vegeta tried to fight an opponent stronger than himself. However, this time I believe things might be different.

But, I can’t count out the possibility of Vegeta getting beaten badly by Jiren so that Gokū can use this as a stepping stone yet again.
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