Bardock’s design is iconic at this time, mainly because he resembles like the spitting image of Goku, simply with a harder look. His hair is almost indistinguishable, and he has few scarring on his face, but other than the armor and the headband, he’s primarily just a scowling mirror-image of his grown son.

Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru originally designed the low-class warrior, and although he aimed to merely take Goku’s image and provide him a “brutal edge,” he still added a slight bit more variation than Toriyama’s final design, especially in his iconic hair.

The original plan behind Bardock was to make Goku and his father absolute enemies.

According to an articled uncovered by Kazenshuu, “Incidentally, in the original plan, we hear that there was also the idea that perhaps they could make Goku and his father antagonists.”

This idea may seem ridiculous given the route Bardock indeed took in the series as a loving character who finally lost his life at the hands of Freeza at least as how it is described in the Dragon Ball Z movie, Bardock: The Father of Goku.

The rest of the Saiyans and Bardock as a villain performs a lot of sense. Toriyama first presented the idea of Saiyans with Goku’s brother Raditz, who was Dragon Ball Z’s crucial first villain.

As the Saiyans are a primary aggressive, conquering type of race, it would make the reason that the original idea for each new Saiyan was that of an antagonist.

Shockingly, Bardock is defined much differently in the manga Dragon Ball Minus. He’s friendly and legitimately worries about his child, which is the polar opposite of his original character.


Dragon Ball Super January 2018 Schedule

Hey everyone! I’m here with the January schedule for Dragon Ball Super anime, and it looks like January is going to be a very exciting month for everyone. The Tournament of Power is finally at its climax, so everything from here on out will be extremely interesting. Note that there won’t be any episode on December 31, because of the holidays. So let’s begin.

January 7 – Dragon Ball Super Episode 122

Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 will be airing on January 7, and it will feature Vegeta’s fight against Jiren. This fight has been teased for a long time now. Vegeta is going to go all out in this fight. Meanwhile, Freeza is also going to be involved in a fight, and he will be up against Dyspo.

January 14 – Dragon Ball Super Episode 123

vegeta vs jiren

On January 14, Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 will be airing, and it is titled “Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed!” This episode will also be focusing on Vegeta vs Jiren. As the title suggests, Vegeta will finally be going all out against Jiren, but to no avail. Jiren will not even be hurt, while Vegeta will have used up all his energy. Vegeta will also be in a very dire state after this. The time remaining in the Tournament of Power is 7 minutes.

January 21 – Dragon Ball Super Episode 124

Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 will air on January 21. It is titled “A Stormy Fierce Attack! Gohan Fights with his Back to the Wall!”
After Vegeta’s fiercely fought battle against Jiren, Goku and Vegeta decide to team up. However, even then, they barely land any hits on him. Meanwhile, Jiren keeps powering up to tremendous levels, and seems even harder to defeat.

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