Dragon Ball Super is managing its way through the Tournament of Power, and pressure is high with Universe 7. After the erasure of Universe 4, there is more stress on the event’s fighters to stick it out. However, it looks like the anime may still have a shock up its sleeve.

Right now, we’re heading towards the climax of the Tournament of Power. We have 3 Universes remaining, and these are Universe 3, Universe 7, and Universe 11.

Earlier today, Dragon Ball Heroes did get fans sounding about the show’s next episodes. After all, A new card is coming to the franchise, and it will include a mystery character who hasn’t been revealed in the anime just yet.

Dragon Ball Super Heroes is one the most selling arcade card game in Japan. Today they have announced some new cards are coming up soon, for next year and one of the cards is listed as unknown, and there is written on it that this character is appearing in Anime soon as translated by Herms98.

After all, Aniraza looks like it is the only option let for the games to join in.

When Dragon Ball Super repeats this weekend, it is set to debut a new fused fighter. Universe 3 will reveal its secret weapon, but its episode preview gave part of the character. At least three of Universe 3’s opponents will fuse to create a Megazord-type fighter who Universe 7 will go up facing, and it is being called Aniraza. The character has been shown casually, but it has yet to feature in a real episode.

I do believe it’s likely they will really make Megazord overpowered and if so with Universe 7 still holding the bulk of their fighters left. When all is resolved from this fight that could take a couple of episodes. Universe 3 will be eliminated, but of course, we will get some critical losses as well.

Dragon Ball Heroes may be preparing to bring the unique robotic fighter to its line-up in 2018, but there is a possibility the game could surprise us.

Many fans believe that this mystery Character might be Hit.
There are still fans out there convinced Hit really did make a clone before he was taken out.


  1. Come on hit hasn’t spoken a single word since he got eliminated. Isn’t it suspicious at all. Every other character even the worst ones had more screen time and they said goodbye before getting erased. Hit was. Never even shown on screen for more than half a sec at the time of erasure.


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