Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super episode 128 is still quite some time away. But, we have already got the spoilers and titles for the episode which hints towards just one thing, and that is the elimination of one of the main characters from the Tournament of Power. I know that you all are excited about the whole thing, but just bear with me for a little longer. This post has spoilers for the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

So, if you don’t enjoy being spoiled then I suggest you go back right now. Now that we have got it out of the way, let’s begin. Dragon Ball Super episode 128 is titled “With Noble Pride To The End! Vegeta Falls!”, and the episode is airing on 18th February. This is the leaked image for Dragon Ball Super 128.

As you can clearly see in the photo, that Vegeta has taken even more damage and looks to be in a terrible state. The new Spoilers for episode 127 Revealed that Android 17 will be getting eliminated in the episode. Despite his gallant efforts, Android 17 gets knocked out by Jiren. I mean we never really expected Android 17 to do anything to Jiren, however, he has done tremendously well to hold his ground. With 17’s elimination, it is up to Gokū and Vegeta to do something.

But, that’s not what happens. Gokū is gravely injured and ends up losing a lot of Ki. He is almost out of Ki, so Vegeta takes the centre stage again and fights against Jiren. Against a fully powered up Jiren, Vegeta can’t really do anything. He takes a lot of damage but he doesn’t fall because it would hurt his pride. So, he hangs on but he is eventually eliminated. Jiren’s power was just too much to handle for Vegeta. A gallant effort nonetheless.

This gave Goku enough time to recover his Ki so that he can fight against Jiren. Another thing you might have noticed while reading the spoilers is that Gokū is actually thinking something while is getting beaten into a pulp by Jiren. I wonder if this might be the time for a flashback or something like that. Gokū will use the Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super 129. He will probably even master the technique and it will be end for Jiren.
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Gokū Is Doing Something Terrible In The Next Episode

Hey guys. Today was quite an eventful day for all the Dragon Ball Super fans. We got the title for two new episodes and we also got the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episode 128. In this post, I’ll be discussing something that Gokū is doing in the upcoming episode. Before we start with the episode let me warn you that this post contains spoilers for the upcoming episodes.

So read ahead at your own risk. Let us begin. Dragon Ball Super 128 will be airing on February 18th. The episode will have Vegeta and Jiren at the centre of attention. The title of the episode is “With Noble Pride To The End! Vegeta Falls!” In this episode Vegeta will be getting eliminated from the Tournament of Power. Also, I believe that Android 17 will be eliminated as well. It’s fairly obvious with only Vegeta fighting against Jiren.

Gokū is badly wounded so Vegeta decides to challenge Jiren head on. As we know that Jiren is unleashing his full power, Vegeta will have a hard time fighting him. Vegeta someone continues to stand despite Jiren’s vicious onslaught. Vegeta continues to fight for his pride. Meanwhile, Gokū intently watches the death battle. Something is going through Gokū’s mind. But, it makes me wonder why would Gokū just watch this battle and do absolutely nothing.

He just sits there and watches Vegeta getting knocked out of the Tournament. That’s really crazy. What particularly interests me is the fact that Gokū is looking at fight “intently”. What could a nincompoop like Gokū possibly think while Vegeta is getting thrashed around? Whatever Goku was thinking, allows him to master the Ultra Instinct. You heard it right. Gokū is going to master Ultra Instinct in DBS episode 129. It is going to be the biggest power-up in the history of the Dragon Ball series. Even without mastering the Ultra Instinct, Gokū was able to toe to toe against Jiren.
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