Hey guys. It’s that time of the week again, when we are blessed with the spoilers of the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super. This week’s spoilers are particularly exciting. Well, who wouldn’t be excited after that breathtaking episode that we got during the previous week. Dragon Ball Super episode 123 was really something else.

I’d like to congratulate them on their recent run of amazing episodes. They have really picked up the pace in the recent episodes. Eliminations are flying left, right and center. The highlight of the episode was Jiren. I mean there’s no way you can’t acknowledge the fact that Jiren has surpassed all his predecessors who have been involved in the Dragon Ball franchise. Jiren’s power is just too much. Before today’s episode, Jiren easily managed to match both Gokū and Vegeta in a fight.

In DBS 123, Vegeta finally got his new power up. Now in today’s episode, we were waiting to see how far can Vegeta’s new mode take him. I’m disappointed to say that Vegeta’s new form, is pretty far away from Gokū’s Ultra Instinct. Ultra Instinct Gokū was more than enough to match Jiren. However, Jiren has become stronger now. But, it is evident the new form of Vegeta is unable to push Jiren to his limits just like Ultra Instinct Gokū. It is going to take something special in order to bring down Jiren. As of now, neither Gokū nor Vegeta have got that special something.

Going back to the spoilers, in the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super 125, there has been no mention of Gohan but Android 17 has been mentioned in the spoilers. It might not be a big deal but if you remember, the title of Dragon Ball Super episode 124 is “The Fiercely Overwhelming Assault! Gohan’s Last Stand.” There have been several hints that Gohan’s time is almost up in the Tournament of Power, and this is the biggest one of them. Gohan has been shown a lot of promise in the recent episodes.

It is possible that Gohan is going to be eliminated by Toppo, who appears to be powering up in the same episode. I think that this is the end for Gohan. He has done really well and sooner or later, he was going to be eliminated.
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DBS 125 Official Spoilers Are Out

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super’s spoilers are out and it has sent the fans into a frenzy. Well, after the recent episode, who wouldn’t be excited. We saw Vegeta getting another form and it was pretty awesome. The new form has granted him strength beyond Super Saiyan Blue. We don’t exactly know how much stronger it is than the Super Saiyan Blue, but it is stronger than the regular Super Saiyan Blue.

The Grand Priest confirmed that Vegeta broke through his shell just like Gokū did against Jiren earlier. It is possible that Vegeta will not get any power up for a long time now because Whis has already said that once you break through your shell, it isn’t easy to do it again. So, in order to get stronger, Vegeta will have to work even harder. The same is true for Goku. Towards the end of the episode, Vegeta and Gokū attacked Jiren and they kind of gained an advantage against him because of their uncoordinated attacks. Now moving towards the spoilers of Dragon Ball Super 124, Vegeta and Gokū are still going at it and attacking Jiren with their full power.

Of course, Gokū is not using the Ultra Instinct yet so he is not at 100% power, but he’s at the next best thing to Ultra Instinct. BUT, Jiren delivers a strong counterattack against their combined attacks. I mean wow. I can’t really describe how Jiren can do such a thing. How stronger can a person get? All these things make you start questioning how can Universe 7 survive against this monster? He’s nothing like the previous villains that have been introduced in the series. They have a certain limit but unlike them, Jiren has been getting only stronger and stronger.

Well, personally I am a big fan of Jiren and his character. Despite Vegeta and Gokū’s powers, Jiren manages to push back both of them. It was revealed in one of the previous episodes that Jiren always ends up surpassing his opponents and I believe this is the reason why he surpassed the God of Destruction. He must have fought against a God of Destruction and during their fight, Jiren powered up and surpassed him/her.

It makes sense as the other Universes seem to know about Jiren. There’s no doubt that Gokū and Vegeta will cause Jiren problems but he will surpass them as well.
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