Hey guys. After today’s episode, the fans will be anxiously waiting for the release of the next episode. Dragon Ball Super episode 123 can’t come out any sooner. The episode was lit and you can’t deny that. The episode left us wanting more and honestly, I was mad when the episode ended. It was too short. However, the episode was an absolute hit. But, the focus of our discussion is Dragon Ball Super episode 125.

Before we begin with the post I’d like to inform you that the post contains spoilers for the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super. So, if don’t want to be spoiled then better turn back right now. Now that we have got it out of the way, let’s begin. There have been endless discussions about Jiren and Vegeta and their fight. Although the result of the fight was fairly obvious, the episode gave Vegeta a very nice moment of his own. Vegeta will be getting a new power-up in the next episode. With his new power, Vegeta will attempt to fight Jiren once again. But Vegeta isn’t the only one who will be powering up. Jiren will increase his power even further in the next episode.

The guy is already above the level of a God of Destruction, and now he is powering up even further. I can’t believe that he is going to get even more powerful, in today’s episode Jiren said that he has a motive to grow even stronger. There is another guy from Jiren’s universe who will be powering up and that is the huge mustached Toppo. He is a candidate for the position of the God of Destruction. Toppo is genuinely underrated by the fans as they think that Toppo is weak.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Adds Female Saiyans Toppo!

Toppo actually defeated Goku in the exhibition match before the Tournament of Power began. According to the spoilers of Dragon Ball Super, Toppo will unleash the power which matches the power of a God of Destruction. The episode of Dragon Ball Super episode 125 is “Advent of the God of Destruction, Toppo! There Is Only Overwhelming Power!!” The episode is set to air on 28th January. So, after Toppo powering up, Universe 11 will have two fighters who are God of Destruction level. Now, that does leave Universe 7 in peril.

Goku will probably awaken Ultra Instinct once again and fight Jiren. The problem is who is going to fight Toppo and the answer to that question is Vegeta. Vegeta will receive a new Super Saiyan form so he will be fighting Toppo.

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