DBS 117-118 Spoilers

Hey guys. I’m here with the possible spoilers of Dragon Ball Super. So if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t read ahead. The title of the next episode hinted towards the elimination of not one but two universes. It means with the end of the two teams, a huge number of people are gonna lose their lives. As it stands, it looks like that Universe 2 and Universe 6 are the more likely of the two to get eliminated.

Out of the 12 universes, there are 6 paired universes. Two of these pairs, 1-12, 5-8, are not participating in the Tournament of Power. Universe 9 and Universe 10 have been eliminated, and it has been confirmed that Universe 6 will be eliminated next in the tournament of power, which means we have to say goodbye to Champa, Hit and Kefla.

I think that Universe 2 will follow suit and will be eliminated next week. After Episode 119, I think that there won’t be any eliminations until the end of the tournament. By the end of 118, for the four pairs of universes participating in the tournament, one mirror universe per pair would have been eliminated. According to the theory once Universe 7 wins, before Zeno erases the losing 3 universes (11, 4, 3), Gokū will ask to make his wish. His wish will be for the paired universes to merge, and this would bring the mortal levels of those universes to the acceptable level.

I believe Zeno and the Grand priest will be okay with this resolution, as the Tournament of Power still led to the destruction of all universes below the necessary level, which was the point of the tournament, while still allowing for further arcs exploring the multiverse. I think the whole theory is pretty plausible. It might happen in the near future.


New Spoilers Confirms Good Bye To One Of The Most Popular Character in ToP

Hey guys. I have some news that will leave you dumbstruck. Just a few hours earlier, we received news about the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 119. The spoilers left me speechless and it will probably be the same for you. The spoilers revealed two major things. The first of these two things is the attack of Universe 4 on Universe 7. It was revealed that Universe 4 will use their mysterious ability to get the upper hand against Universe 7. The second major revelation was the elimination of Universe 6 from the Tournament of Power. You know what this means, Universe 6 is going to be erased, and along with it the legendary assassin Hit will be eliminated as well.

For those of you who don’t know much about it, don’t worry I got you covered. Hit is the legendary assassin from Universe 7 and he possess tremendous amount of strength. He was able to rival the powers of Son Gokū. He has the power to stop time itself and can also trap his opponents in alternate dimensions. Hit has shown his power numerous times in the series. Perhaps his biggest test was fighting against Jiren, which ended in Hit’s defeat and also led to him being eliminated from the Tournament of Power.

However, we must remember that Hit could never use his full power as killing is strictly forbidden in the Tournament of Power. The fans love the Legendary assassin because of various reasons. Despite being an Assassin, Hit is very honourable and has a lot of sportsmanship. Hit enjoys a difficult challenge and never back downs from a fight.

Hit keeps true to his contract and once he accepts a contract, he will carry it out without thinking twice. Hit has a warrior’s heart and that’s what made him a huge fab favourite. It will be sad seeing Universe 6 getting erased.
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