Hey guys. If you thought that yesterday was hectic and full of excitement then you’re wrong. Today is far more superior as today we got the extended spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episodes 119-122. If you haven’t already read them, then I highly suggest doing it asap. There’s so much to talk about. However, we are not going to deviate from the whole thing cause our main focus is the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta vs Jiren The Gray.

I’m hyped and I know that a lot of you share the similar feeling and why shouldn’t we? The fight will air on January 7th, 2018. So far Vegeta has been fighting trash in the Tournament of Power and whenever a serious challenge comes up, he’s beaten to well…a pulp. This will be the first time that Vegeta is going to fight a big name arguably the biggest name in the series. The fans are certainly hoping that it doesn’t end in the same manner as Vegeta vs Hit. Hit was toying with Vegeta during the fight. Seriously, I doubt that you can call that a fight.

After seeing Jiren fight with Son Gokū and Jiren, we know that Super Saiyan Blue is useless against him. Vegeta needs a power up to fight on equal footing with Jiren. The most likely power up that Vegeta can get is Ultra Instinct. We know how great of a power Ultra Instinct or Migatte no Gokui is. It allowed to catch up with Jiren. But as we know that Ultra Instinct is very difficult to master even for the Gods of Destruction, it would be a real surprise if we see Vegeta getting the ultra instinct. Of course, as a Vegeta fan, I can’t really complain about the whole thing. For all we know is that Vegeta is going to challenge the strongest in the Tournament of Power and we all know who is the strongest in the tournament.

Jiren vs Vegeta will definitely be one of the biggest eye-catching bouts in the series. Let’s hope that Jiren doesn’t wreck Vegeta too badly.


Latest Spoilers Confirm The Last Two Remaining Universes In DBS!

Hey guys. The spoilers for DBS are out and blimey they’re good. A lot of stuff to go through. Yesterday, we got the leaked titles of the episodes, and today the summary of those episodes was released. In DBS Episode 119, Universe 7 is extremely troubled by the ability of the Universe 4. Katopesla and Vegeta are still fighting, however, before the fight could end Katopesla falls down from the arena and gets eliminated. In the next episode which is episode 120, the remaining fighters from Universe 4 end up getting eliminated and thus resulting in the destruction of Universe 4.

In episode 120, there will be only three universes remaining. Universe 3, Universe 7 and Universe 11 will be left in the Tournament of Power. At this very moment, Universe 7 and Universe 3 have an all-out battle to decide their respective fate.
Universe 3 has five remaining fighters and four of them are modified warriors. The four who look most likely to fuse are Borareta, Koitsukai, Biara, and Pancea. As the title of the episode indicates that the fighters of Universe 3 are going to undergo some sort of body transformation and they would be fighting against Universe 7.

So the secret weapon of Universe 3 could be this body fusion. The four of them could fuse to become a huge giant robot with only one mind to control them. These four fused together will definitely cause problems for Universe 7 and for all of their fighters.

The episode could also mean that someone from Universe 7 might be getting eliminated. Now the title for episode 122 is “Staking His Pride. Vegeta Challenges The Strongest.” As I have already said that just three universes remain in the Tournament of Power.
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