Howdy Everyone, Tournament Of Power is getting more and more fascinating with every passing minute. In the latest episode of we saw some amazing stuff, Vegeta fought Jiren without Ultra Instinct and he even was able to land two hits on him. Moreover, the preview of episode 123 confirmed that Vegeta will achieve something is beyond Super Saiyan Blue.

The whole Dragon Ball community is hyped because of Vegeta’s new form, fan and some Dragon Ball experts are saying this form is going to be the Completed Super Saiyan Blue which was first revealed in the Dragon Ball Super Manga. But in the Manga it was also revealed that this form is not perfect nor safe, it can also in danger user’s life.

In the Manga it was revealed that the Completed Super Saiyan Blue is technique just like Ultra Instinct, maybe that’s why Vegeta is getting Completed Super Saiyan Blue instead of Ultra Instinct, it was also revealed that this technique is not perfect it requires intense focus so that the ki doesn’t leak out from the user’s body, so it takes quite a bit of time to focus there ki.

Now we’ll talk about why it’s not safe to use Completed Super Saiyan Blue. In the Dragon Ball Super Manga, Vegeta himself revealed that user needs intense focus to prevent his ki from leaking out. Somehow if there is a ki leakage the user will suffer a noticeable amount of pain from the point release. It’ll surely make the user vulnerable.

Moreover, In the Manga Vegeta also revealed that if the user isn’t able the stop the leakage of ki, user’s body will take an unimaginable amount of damage and will lead to eventual death, according to Vegeta user’s body will become usable and can shatter at any moment. This technique is undoubtedly a two-edged sword, it can give users an enormous amount of power and can also make the user vulnerable.

I have a special theory for you guys, according to the title of episode 126 ( Surpassing Even The Gods ! Vegeta’s Life-Threatening Move ! ), Vegeta might try to use a life-threatening move, maybe he will achieve Completed Super Saiyan Blue and will try to blow himself up along with Jiren by leaking his ki while using Completed Super Saiyan Blue.

That’s it from me, thanks for reading.


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