Hey guys. In Dragon Ball Super’s most recent episode, Vegeta went all out to fight Jiren from Universe 11. In the fight, which was one-sided for the majority of the time, Vegeta actually did very well to stand up to the mighty Jiren. Vegeta managed to land a couple of hits Jiren and after he saw through Jiren’s barrage of punches. It surprised everyone when Vegeta landed the hit on Jiren.

However, the outcome of the fight was clear from the word go. Without a new power, there was no way that Vegeta would win against Jiren. After the episode, fans who have watched Dragon Ball Z pointed out that Vegeta actually used some of the tactics which he had used against Cell. Vegeta was in the same precarious position when he was going up against Cell.

Vegeta stepped in to stop Cell from causing more destruction. He suffered the same fate which he suffered against Jiren. Vegeta was beaten up badly however, he did get some moments of his own. In the fight Vs Cell, Vegeta unleashed an attack which blew off Cell’s arm. Going back to the Jiren fight, Vegeta powered up so as to prepare the Final Flash on Jiren. Vegeta did everything in his power to attack Jiren and ensured that the hit landed on Jiren. The result of the fight against Jiren was different compared to that of the Cell one.

Vegeta managed to cause some serious damage to Cell. Cell’s arm was blown off and he had to buy some time in order to regenerate. Jiren, on the other hand, was unfazed by Vegeta’s attack. After the attack ended, Jiren simply knocked out Vegeta. This makes you wonder, how much power this monster from Universe 11 has. Jiren has definitely surpassed all the previous characters from Dragon Ball series. Currently, he is the biggest threat Universe 7’s chances of survival. Personally speaking, I don’t think that even Goku beat Jiren.

Jiren’s power doesn’t seem to have any limits like the previous villains. I think it will boil down to who has more potential. The one with more potential will surpass the other and win the Tournament for their respective Universe. That’s it from me.


New Jiren Theory Explains Why Jiren is Stronger Than Gods Of Destruction And It’s Possible

Hey guys. I am here today with a new theory about Jiren The Gray. This theory reflects my own personal views and I hope that you will enjoy it. So first, I’d like to start with Jiren and his character. Jiren is the fighter from Universe 11. He is a member of the Pride Troopers who are directly under the control of Belmod, Universe 11’s God of Destruction.

We have very limited knowledge about Jiren and his past. Jiren’s character is rather a unique one. Normally you’d expect a person like Jiren to be arrogant and cruel. We have seen enough anime to know that. However Jiren is actually unique. He detests people who interfere with peace. Jiren is warrior of peace and he protects the innocent and the weak. To Jiren nothing is more important than protecting the people who are powerless. In the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super, Jiren questioned Gokū why do you want to be stronger? To which Gokū replied that he just wanted to get stronger. Jiren’s answer was rather interesting. He seeks something which lies strength.

Jiren wants to become more stronger so that he could protect his universe when the need arises. It would be fair to assume that right now Jiren is above the level of God of Destruction, and according to the spoilers for the future episodes, Jiren will be powering up and thus become even more stronger. Now this raises an interesting question. When Gokū fought Jiren while he awakened Ultra Instinct, was Jiren really going all out? Was that his 100% power? Keep a note of this. Now moving forward. When Jiren and Gokū fought, Whis said that there were rumours about a man, who can’t be defeated even by a God of Destruction.

This is the second point. Now get back to the most recent episode. It was revealed that Jiren is so powerful because he always surpasses his opponents. This was the third and final point. So let’s sum it up. Jiren has fought a God of Destruction in the past, and what we know is that Jiren wasn’t defeated.
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