Hello Dragon Ball Community, and today I’m going to be discussing the Captain of Team Universe 7- Gohan’s role in the Tournament of Power and what we could potentially see from him. For Gohan fans, and fans that like to theorize this has been a very interesting subject!

Ever since Gohan took part in the Zeno Exhibition and declared that “He needs to get his fighting spirit back for the safety of his family” there has been a lot of wonder surrounding the “Half Breed Saiyan with the most potential”, and just what we could expect from him in the Tournament of Power!

So far, Gohan has put on a pretty good performance. Eliminating anyone that stands in his way trying to challenge the existence of his Universe! Eliminating the likes of: Botamo, Obuni, Pirina, Saonel, Koitsukai, Panchia, and Bollarator with the last 3 mentioned combining in to one being called- Koichiarator. Next up for Gohan is looking like the trump card for Universe 3- Aniraza. It’s seeming like Gohan has finally met his match in the Tournament of Power.. Or has he?

There have been a lot of hints dropped about Gohan since Gohan vowed to get his fighting spirit back! The earliest hint coming from Gohan’s mentor himself Piccolo! Piccolo after a round of training looked at Gohan and said ” Gohan, I don’t believe that is the extent of your Power you should be able to go much further! Dont you want to see it? How far you can go?”. It’s pretty safe to say when it comes to knowing Gohan, especially in terms of fighting and power no one knows Gohan like Piccolo! If Piccolo can feel or sense something deep down inside Gohan it has to be worth something.

Next hint about Gohan comes from his father himself, Goku! When Gohan showed up to challenge Goku to test his powers against Goku’s it proved to be quite the feat for Gohan. Gohan was able to push Goku further then anyone on Universe 7 besides Frieza forcing Goku to use Super Saiyan Blue with Kaioken times 20! Gohan did eventually fall, but Goku said something to a passed out Gohan that I feel is worth looking in to.. Goku said “Let’s go together.. Even further ahead”. This could easily be taken as Goku seeing the potential in Gohan and his Mystic Form and seeing what Piccolo is seeing in Gohan as well..

Last hint comes from the God of Destruction himself: Lord Beerus! Now this one is a little vague to say the least but I feel it holds some meaning. Knowing what kind of deity Beerus is to have someone of his stature and rank to acknowlege Gohan for his strength is a big deal. From Piccolo to Goku, to Beerus it’s seeming like big things are coming for Gohan in the future!

What are your thoughts? What could you see Gohan doing in the rest of the Tournament of Power? Keep the discussion going by leaving your idea’s and opinions in the comments below!


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