Hey everyone! Broly is probably one of the most talked characters in Dragon Ball fandom in recent days, and there is a big reason behind that. If you didn’t know already, he’s been confirmed to return in Dragon Ball Super Movie that’s going to come out in December 2018.

We all knew that a new Saiyan was going to be introduced in the upcoming movie, but I think very few people wanted it to be Broly. I didn’t even think we’d get to see Broly again since Kale was recently introduced in Dragon Ball Super and I thought she was probably what the writers were sticking with when it comes to the Legendary Super Saiyan. It turns out, we were all wrong, and Broly is actually coming back!

Broly New Character Design

Now there’s a minor difference between the Broly that we’ve seen before and the Broly that we’re about to see in the upcoming movie. According to Toriyama, the character for Broly has been completely rewritten. He’s not the same Broly we’ve seen in the previous movies. Sure, the name and the identity of the character will probably be the same, but Toriyama is rebooting Broly. So we’ll probably be seeing a different Broly in the upcoming movie, and honestly, this is a huge relief for me.

If Broly is to be included in the Dragon Ball Super story from here on out, it better be as a character who has an actual personality and motive. I don’t want to see someone scream Goku’s name and lose control of his powers all the time.

Broly Characters design

Coming over to Broly’s character designs, the only time we saw him was during the preview. It wasn’t even clear if that was Broly back then, and you can’t make out anything from that. Recently, a leaked image of the DBS Movie character designs started circulating on Twitter, and it shows us what Broly will look like in the movie.

The quality of the image is not the best, but as you can see, that’s Broly in his Super Saiyan form. I would love to see him transform even further beyond, but only the movie can tell us whether that’s going to happen or not. The Dragon Ball Super movie is coming out in December 2018, while the United States and Canada will be getting the movie in January 2019.


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