Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is going to enter the most exciting stages now, as we’ve got just about 13 minutes left now. With most fodder out of the way already, this is the time when we’re going to see the stronger fighters come into action. But, before that happens, I have some interesting news for you based on the latest leaked Dragon Ball Super spoilers.

Before I discuss them, I wanna let you know that this post will contain a lot of spoilers, so please, continue at your own risk. Also, the spoilers have not been confirmed yet. They will be once we get a scan, so it is up to you to believe them or not. So, now, let’s get into it. We already know that Universe 4 is going to be a focus of the Tournament of Power now, and they’ll be up against Universe 7.

It’s like the opponents don’t learn, really. You mess with Universe 7, you get eliminated. But it does make sense that everyone is targeting Universe 7. That’s because, as Whis explained, they’ve seen the most action till now, and they’re likely the most tired. So, theoretically, it should be easiest to take them down. But, so far, they haven’t had any real problems.

But, Universe 4 is not the only Universe joining the battle right now.
In Episode 120, Universe 3 is going to attack with all their might as well, which will set up an interesting matchup between U3 and Universe 7. Universe 3 will have an unbeatable strategy, apparently. While we don’t know what it is yet, the title of Episode 121 kind of gives it away.

Here’s what the title for Episode 121 of Dragon Ball Super says:
“Episode 121: All out war!! The four-way fusion vs All out attack of Universe 7!!” credits to @KenXyro for the translations.

So, basically, we’ll see another big fusion in the next few episodes of Dragon Ball super, and I suspect it is a Universe 3 fusion that we’ve been talking about since long. When you look at Universe 3 rosters, there are three members who are quite peculiar. These are Koitsukai, Borareta, and Panchia.

They all are individual fighters. However, if you look closely at their body, they can actually become a Megazord. Koitsukai would be the arm, Borareta would become the legs and the lower half of the body, while Panchia would be the head. It seems this fusion will likely happen in Episode 121 of Dragon Ball Super, and I’m really excited for this. Let’s see what Universe 3 has to offer.


DBS Spoilers CONFIRMED: Vegeta’s Strongest Opponent, Vegeta’s Fight

Hey guys. Earlier it was speculated that Vegeta would be getting a few episodes of his own, where he would be the focus. Vegeta is one of the major characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. Originally he started as a villain then he changed into an anti-hero and then he became one of the main stars of the show. According to various sources, Vegeta would be getting his own episodes and also possibly a new power-up.

However, it has been finally confirmed that we will be seeing Vegeta getting a serious fight. Earlier sources have pointed out that Vegeta centered episodes will be coming out in December or January.
Now the spoilers have confirmed that Vegeta will be getting his biggest fight of the arc. The fight will be shown in Dragon Ball Super Episode 122. The title of the episode reads, “Risking His Pride, Vegeta Challenges The Strongest.” I’m getting goosebumps from just reading the title. Vegeta challenges the strongest! You know what this could mean, Vegeta vs Jiren could well and truly be on its way.

Forgive me if I’m jumping the gun, but there are very few fighters remaining in the Tournament of Power who can be called the strongest. Gokū and Jiren are the most obvious answers. If this wasn’t the Tournament of Power, Vegeta would definitely fight Gokū, however as they are a part of the same team, it leaves just one obvious choice and that is, Jiren The Gray from Universe 11.

We know that Vegeta highly values his pride and won’t bow down to anyone even if they are far stronger than him. That’s just how the Saiyan Prince is. Vegeta loves to fight and he definitely won’t be getting any opponent better than Jiren.
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