Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power has now entered its final stages. With just 8 minutes left in the Tournament of Power, both Universe 7 and Universe 11 are striving to win and confirm their safety. The battle between the two Universes has just begun, and I’m sure that it is going to take from about 8-10 episodes. Last week we saw Vegeta and Goku taking on Jiren.

Meanwhile, Freeza took on Dyspo, who gave him a very hard time, and Gohan along with 17 took on Toppo. I’m going to discuss the spoilers for the upcoming episodes now, so please continue only if you don’t mind being spoiled. Episode 123 of Dragon Ball Super looks to be a focused on Vegeta, and Goku vs Jiren mainly.

There will also be scenes with both Freeza vs Dyspo, and Gohan & 17 vs Toppo. It looks like Freeza is ready to betray his Universe at the cost of being resurrected by using the Super Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Gohan will get a chance to finish off Toppo, but this will only be possible if 17 sacrifices himself as well. Gohan’s hesitation will lead to the failure of the plan, and I think 17 might be eliminated along the way.

Spoilers for Episode 124 is what’s confusing everyone. Apparently, Goku and Vegeta are fighting against Jiren, who is giving both of them a very hard time. Meanwhile, Gohan is now fighting against Dyspo, and not Toppo. I don’t know who Toppo is fighting. Is it Vegeta, or is it 17? It isn’t clear at this point.

What’s more, we have a leaked preview image of Dragon Ball Super Episode 124, and as you can see, Gohan is giving Dyspo a hard time as well. With Freeza and Gohan teaming up on him, I don’t think Dyspo will last long. He, along with 17 are the ones who I think will be eliminated first. It certainly does look bad for both of them at this moment. Gohan isn’t in a good shape either.

But, I think he will survive for a few more episodes. The writers clearly have something in their minds regarding Gohan. Episode 125 and Episode 126 look like they are going to be huge. We have Toppo rising to God of Destruction level in Ep 125, and we’ve Vegeta surpassing the Gods in Episode 126. So, it certainly looks like the Tournament of Power is getting a lot more intense.


Recent DBS Preview Showed [SPOILER] And Fans Are Confused

Super Saiyan Blue is one of most powerful transformations that we’ve ever seen in Dragon Ball history. It was first introduced to us in Dragon Ball Resurrection F movie, and has also made its way into the Dragon Ball Super anime, and manga. As you all know this form is extensively used by both Goku, and Vegeta. It has been a while since they’ve powered up beyond a form now.

I think pretty much everyone agrees that there are levels to Super Saiyan Blue as well. There isn’t just one level. Just like the regular Super Saiyan, I think Blue will have levels too. In the manga, we already have them. We have Super Saiyan Blue, followed by Perfected/Completed Super Saiyan Blue. In the anime, there is no such thing. However, the recent episode of Dragon Ball Super put a lot of fans in a state of confusion.

As you know, Goku and Vegeta went all out against Jiren in Dragon Ball Super Episode 122. Both of them powered up Blue to its absolute maximum, and it seemed like Goku achieved the Super Saiyan Blue 2 form. There was a lot of difference in hair style, and the aura of Super Saiyan Blue was surrounded by Yellow sparks. So, was it Super Saiyan Blue 2, or not? It certainly did look like that to many fans.

But, to me it looked like the normal Super Saiyan Blue form. The only difference was the way the characters were drawn. Different artists draw characters in a different way. Some of you may know that the staff for each episode of an anime is different. There are different animators working on a scene, and then there is the key animator as well.

The staff that handled Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 made it appear like Goku was in Super Saiyan Blue 2 form, while that wasn’t really the case. If that were the case, I think we would’ve seen a significant increase in his powers, and he would’ve been able to fight again Jiren better.

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