In the recent Episode of Dragon Ball Super, we have finally seen just what this Ultra Instinct is, and what it’s capable of! It’s so powerful even the God’s of Destruction are nervous at the sight of Goku using it!

As we know,  not all the God’s of Destruction have mastered this Ultra Instinct Technique if any of them! So seeing a mortal like Goku being able to use such a powerful technique is ground breaking in the world of Dragon Ball!

For most of us, this lived up to the hype! Seeing what this technique is truly capable of is amazing! Goku being able to toss Dyspo, and Toppo at the same time without effort, to Goku simply walking away from Toppo’s attack “Justice Flash” which we have seen be a challenge for Goku in the past! This is a truly special technique, and seems as if you need to be a certain level of power in order to use it, even if only for a short time..

This is what led me to believe that their could be someone else that’s just as powerful, if not more powerful that could potentially know the Ultra Instinct technique! That character is Jiren! Jiren has been shown to have impressive, and almost unmatched power and strength in the Tournament of Power. We have seen Jiren pull off impressive feats such as:

Sensing where the blocks for the Tournament of Power stage was going being powered by God’s of Destruction, teleporting instantly behind Goku without using a technique, having amazing telepathic energy (the Spirit Bomb battle when he sent the Spirit Bomb back with just a glare!), to knowing where ALL the attacks from an enemy or opponent is coming from.

Could Jiren also be able to use this Ultra Instinct technique? Could that be why Jiren went in to meditation before the Tournament of Power? Jiren could of been gathering enormous amounts of energy, and improving his focus so his body is able to use such a powerful technique.

That would also explain why Toppo insisted on Jiren resting and waiting to fight, knowing Jiren would not be able to sustain that amount of energy for the whole 48 minutes!

So this is what I feel could explain the powerful guard on Jiren. What are your thoughts? Could Jiren possibly have this Ultra Instinct technique? Keep the conversation going by leaving your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


One Character Who Might Get Eliminated In Dragon Ball Super Episode 111

At the end of the recent back-to-back episodes of the Tournament of Power, we saw Hit go after Jiren! As we all know the next episode, Episode 111 will feature Hit vs Jiren!

In the leaks released for the episode it seems as if Hit takes a lot of damage from Jiren. Will this be Hit’s down fall?! We have constantly seen Hit take damage all through out the Tournament so far!

Will this lead to Hit’s elimination? Just how much damage can Hit take? We saw Hit take a lot of damage from Goku in the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 Tournament, but in the end was okay to walk away without much exhaustion or damage. It was a different story in the rematch when Goku secretly hired Hit through Vados to take a “hit” on his life (pun intended!). We saw Goku completely exhaust Hit as we see Goku and Hit lay together after the battle, tired and depleted of Stamina!

We have seen just a little of what Jiren is capable of! I believe what we have seen from Jiren is only a small fraction of what he can truly do! Even Goku using a technique that even escapes

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