Hey guys, I am sure you must have watched the latest episode by now. Wasn’t it really exciting? They really raised the bar of the whole Tournament of Power. Also, Toppo has become so powerful, literally turned into a God of Destruction. So a lot of rumors and spoilers were going on about Frieza and Android 17.

I’m going to talk about how actually the survival of Frieza and 17 could be the key factor to Universe 7’s survival. The spoiler read that Toppo defeats both Frieza and Android 17 and then Vegeta goes on to fight Toppo and Jiren.

Most fans speculated that as the Tournament is just 5 minutes away from ending, they must’ve been eliminated. BUT THAT’S NOT THE CASE! In Episode 125, Frieza got brutally beaten by God of Destruction Toppo. He literally got smashed into a pulp and Toppo threw him out of the ring but he was saved.

Well it serves him right for being so cocky and not eliminating Toppo when he had the chance. Frieza foolishly let Toppo transform and now he’s as big as a threat Jiren is to Universe 7’s survival.  Android 17 not only stole Frieza’s catchphrase, “My hand slipped” but also saved him by throwing a rock at him!

It seems like they included this gag to just add a bit of comedy and that’s what everyone is thinking BUT NO, if you actually strain your brain and think about it, there’s actually a more deeper meaning to this save.  Android 17 is the calculative type, he knows when he can win and when he can’t. All over the episode he was checking the time remaining and trying to devise a plan which would not guarantee but at least increase the Universe 7’s survival.

He clearly notes that he can’t beat Toppo but also notes that there’s only 5 minutes left for the tournament to end. Frieza is completely unconscious and at the far away edge or rock of the Tournament of Power stage. Android 17 thought that if Frieza could just stay unconscious till the end of the tournament and stay hidden or away from Jiren & Toppo’s sight, there’s just a chance to win the tournament by having more fighters than Universe 11.

Android 17 might be thinking that Goku & Vegeta will handle Jiren while he tries to stall Toppo as much as he can. He has infinite energy so he can at least try every possible attack and try to find his weakness. As even if he tries to stall him for a minute and gets eliminated, Universe 7 will still have 3 fighters compared to 2 fighters Universe 11 has. Afterwards Vegeta and Goku will handle everything.

But there’s another twist, from the preview we got at the end of episode 125, it shows that Toppo is done playing around and is getting serious. Android 17 is in trouble and I think he could only stall Toppo for 20-30 seconds. Toppo caught onto him and defeats him.

But in the preview, it is also shown that he isn’t thrown out of the stage but is just thrown somewhere on the stage and that’s the moment when our prince Vegeta finally shows up and challenges the God! Everything is going according to Android 17’s plan!


A Big Flaw In Freeza’s Plan That You Didn’t Notice

Hey everyone! In today’s post, I want to talk about Freeza, and his plan. When Freeza was recruited for the Tournament of Power, I think everyone was surprised. He was selected for the Tournament of Power squad because of Majin Buu not being able to participate.

When you look at it, Freeza’s strength is defined something’s that would be needed in the Tournament. But, he’s not as simple as you’d think. Freeza is definitely planning something sinister, and that goes along with his character, really. Freeza does intent to win the Super Dragon Balls. What he wants is something we don’t know, but he has given us hints. Let’s look into it. One of the things that Freeza has always wanted is Immortality.

It has been his lifelong dream to become Immortal. He was pretty pissed at Namek when he didn’t get eternal life, and his plan failed. But that I’d certainly not something that Freeza is aiming for right now. He is aiming for something much bigger. At various points during this arc, Freeza has expressed his desire to control the Gods.

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