Howdy Everyone. We are getting more awesome Dragon Ball Super news and spoilers every day. The Dragon Ball Community is excited about the upcoming episodes and I think the excitement won’t end till the end of the tournament of power. Now let’s start with today’s topic.

Today, we got some new detailed spoilers of Dragon Ball Super episode 124. According to which Gohan will decide to help Frieza in his fight with Dyspo, as Frieza is having a hard time against Dyspo. As per the new spoilers of episode 124 Gohan and Frieza both will have a hard time with Dyspo’s lightning fast speed.

Therefore, it’s certain that Gohan and Frieza both will be busy for a while and will be unable to help anyone if needed. And my prediction is that Dyspo will be eliminated in episode 124. Coming back to the topic, we are now certain that Gohan and Frieza will be handling lightning fast Dyspo.

Now as we all know that Goku and Vegeta both are fighting the strongest warrior in Tournament Of Power Jiren. Moreover, in episode 122 we all saw that Vegeta got injured, because of Jiren’s attack. We also know that in episode 123 it’s going to be a Vegeta centric episode, because Vegeta will be getting a new form. So, we all can agree that Goku and Vegeta will both be fighting Jiren.

So, Android 17 and Toppo from Universe eleven will be the only two warriors left without an opponent, therefore, they’ll end up fighting each other, Android 17 will have to fight Toppo all on his own, because as we discussed above, they all will be busy fighting their opponents. Now the question is, Will Android 17 be able to hold his own against Toppo?

I personally think that Android 17 might be able to put up a decent fight against Toppo because he was able to fight Goku Super Saiyan Blue. Moreover, we haven’t seen Android 17’s real power. According to the title of episode 125 ( God Of Destruction Toppo Appears ! Pure Overwhelming Power !! )  Toppo might further increase his and that would be troublesome for Android 17, as he might not able to keep up with God Of Destruction Candidate Toppo.

That’s it from me, thanks for reading.



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