Hey guys. Akira Toriyama just revealed that why it is so easy to become Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super. Saiyan is a very common term used to in the Dragon Ball franchise.

The Saiyans were living on Planet Vegeta. But due to an immeasurable evil, the planet was wrecked. The King did his best to protect his people, but against this ghastly creature who was called Freiza, the King of Saiyans stood no chance.

The planet was destroyed in an instant, with the destruction of the planet, many innocent people lost their lives. A miserable end for such a powerful planet, which was the homeland of several strong fighters. Only a handful of Saiyans are left in this world, which means there are very few people with Saiyan Blood left in the world. As we know that it is very hard to reach the Super Saiyan level, however, we have seen in Dragon Ball Super that it is easier to become Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super.

Only two pure Saiyans are still alive in Universe 7. These are Gokū and Vegeta. Both of them have S cells which are required to attain the Super Saiyan level. However, there are other Saiyans present during the Tournament of Power. They were Cabba, Kale, and Kefla. It was evident that they could also go into the Super Saiyan state more easier. It is mainly because of the environment of Sadala. It made it easier for them to attain the state. There are of course a few other factors which are responsible for a Saiyan being able to attain the Super Saiyan level.

One of these things is the requirement of a good heart. If you have a good heart you will more S cells, which are required in order to turn into a Super Saiyan. But as good-hearted Saiyans are very rare, becoming Super Saiyan isn’t an easy task.


Dragon Ball Super 119 CONFIRMED Spoiler Leaks

Hey guys. I’m back with some amazing news. We have got the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s episode 119. There was a lot of hype for this episode as there were speculations that some universes were going to be erased. Now, these speculations have turned into reality. The first to be erased is Universe 6, which means fans will have to wish Champa and the others goodbye.

It was fairly obvious after Universe 6 lost two of their strongest warriors in a quick space of time. First, the assassin Hit was knocked out by Jiren from Universe 11. It was definitely a big blow for Universe 6.
Then came the elimination of two fighters, Caulifla and Kale. Both of them fused together and became Kefla. Kefla was really powerful but she couldn’t do anything against Gokū’s Migatte no Gokui or Ultra Instinct.

Next up, the spoilers reveal that someone from Universe 7 is in trouble. We don’t know exactly who is going to be in trouble, but my guess is that it is probably going to be Android 18.

A big reason is that she is currently wounded and she has used a decent amount of her power while fighting against Ribrianne from Universe 2. The attack against the Universe 7’s fighter will be carried out by Universe 4’s invisible fighters. It looks like that they were really waiting for the moment to strike.
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