Akira Toriyama is considered a legend in the manga world and for good reason too, as he has created one of the most popular anime in history. The Dragon Ball series that he envisioned has been running since 1984 and has had four parts in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super, as well as 24 animated films, and two live-action movies since its creation.

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In addition, many famous anime and manga creators have used the Dragon Ball franchise as inspiration, which includes Masashi Kishimoto’s works in Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and now Boruto. That’s because the series has touched so many people’s childhood, as well as their adulthood of course.

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Yes, this series has been one of the most successful animated series in the world, with almost every person on the planet at least hearing the name Goku at some point. As a result, many fans may wonder how Toriyama was able to create such a masterpiece.

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball

Well, those fans no longer have to wonder, as the man himself revealed everything about the birth of Dragon Ball in a chat with Kazenshuu, in the lead-up to Daizenshuu 2.

“I had just ended “Dr. Slump”, and for the time being, I was thinking about what I should do for my next serialized work. I had many meetings with my editor at the time, Torishima-san. As it happened, at that time I loved Jacky Chan’s movies and had seen “Drunken Master” dozens of times,” Toriyama said.

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“Since I liked that sort of thing, Torishima-san advised me to try and make a kung-fu shōnen manga, so I drew a one-shot called “Dragon Boy”. That got an incredibly positive response from the readers, so I decided to go that route for my next serialized work.”

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball

From that point Toriyama never looked back, however, many Dr. Slump characters have appeared in Dragon Ball in the past, as well as Dragon Ball Super; so maybe he did look back, but only just a little.


DBS Episode 124: The Coming Of Frieza’s Ultimate Betrayal?

As early as the recruiting phase, it was rumored that Frieza will eventually betray Universe 7 in a very crucial moment. His real goal is to have the Super Dragon Balls and use it to either replace Zeno or be the most powerful person in the whole DB Multiverse.

We fans are waiting for this moment to happen. It this will not happen, Frieza’s character will be more than just a big disappointment in the Tournament of Power. Frieza has been very inactive in the majority of his stay in the ToP. His fight against Dyspo is not satisfying so far, with him being dragged by the Universe 11 warrior into a big boulder. It is kinda odd to see Frieza getting a taste of his own medicine.

Frieza will do anything to have the Super Dragon Balls and make his wish. He is expected to help U7 guys win the tournament. He’d become more cooperative during Aniraza’s rampage and everyone is expecting him to stick to this plan: when U7 wins, he will betray them one last time by using the Super Dragon Balls.

But it seems to be not the case anymore as Todd Blakenship released a new spoiler that says otherwise. Frieza will try to negotiate with Dyspo, telling the pride trooper that he will cooperate with Universe 11 to defeat the Universe 7 if only U11….



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