Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super has been releasing one fiery episode after another. Both Dragon Ball Super episode 121 and 122 were outstanding. According to the sources on the internet, Dragon Ball Super episode 121 received higher ratings in Japan than Episode 122. It’s hard to choose a favorite to be honest. Anyway, we are here to talk about Dragon Ball Super episode 123. So, there will be spoilers ahead and you should proceed at your own risk. Now that we have got it out of the way, let’s begin. Dragon Ball Super 122 hyped up fans for next episode, which is episode 123. We saw Vegeta vs Jiren finally.

It wasn’t the best fight, however, the fight had several moments that were enough to bring goosebumps. Vegeta was beaten in the end, and it looks like that Jiren’s attacks proved to be the catalyst for Vegeta to awaken the new form of Super Saiyan Blue. There has been no official confirmation regarding the name of the transformation. However many fans have called it a combination of the Ultra Instinct and the Super Saiyan Blue. Again as I already said that there is no confirmation about the power yet. Moving on to the topic at hand.

Vegeta was beaten up pretty badly by Jiren in the end, and he will definitely be out for some time. In DBS episode 123, Goku will be going up against Jiren in order to try his luck and it looks like that Goku has actually got a strategy to fight against Jiren. Goku will be using Instant Transmission with the combination of Ki attacks in order to distract Jiren. All of this is to confuse Jiren. However, the outcome of this tactic is not yet confirmed. This is according to the preview of FujiTV for Dragon Ball Super episode 123.

The translation was done by @KenXyro, who remains one of the most reliable sources of information. It will be interesting to see how it pans out eventually. Will we finally see Jiren’s weakness? Personally speaking, I think that Gokū is going to end up getting beaten. You might have read the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super 123, in the episode Jiren will be increasing his power even further.

I find it hard to believe that Jiren will be troubled by Gokū’s laughable attempt. In the episode, Goku and Vegeta will be teaming up to fight Jiren. We will see Vegeta in his new form hopefully. That’s it from me.

P.S- Credits for the translation goes to Ken Xyro.

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