Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai Episode 82 Release Date: Avan vs Killvearn

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Dragon Quest Episode 82
Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai Episode 82 Release Date: Avan vs Killvearn

Let’s talk about the Dragon Quest Episode 82 Release Date. We’ll also talk about some of the theories regarding the next episode. Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai anime has been airing now for almost three years, and every time a new episode drops, it totally surpasses the previous one. And Episode 81 was just that, a super hyped-up episode with great action, and fans just can’t wait for the next episode to drop. This episode focuses on Dai and his friend’s interaction with Mystvearn and Avan’s fight with Killvearn. Overall the level of tension in this episode was high, and many things were revealed. Let’s discuss all this in detail. Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai anime is adapted from the manga of the same name written by Riku Sanjou and illustrated by Koji Inada.

The story follows Dai, a young boy with big dreams of becoming a hero. Dai, his whole life, has admired his teacher and trainer Avan, who is known as a hero who brought peace by slaying Demon Lord Hadlar. One day the Demon Lord Hadlar returns under the command of a more powerful Deity and tries to kill Avan. But Dai saves the day when a magical mark suddenly appears on his forehead, which gives him the strength to defeat Lord Hadlar. Soon Dai and his friends are set on an adventurous journey to defeat the main antagonist behind Demon Lord Hadlar’s attack. What will happen to Dai along the Journey? Will he be able to save his friends from the catastrophe they are about to face? Well, watch Dragon Quest anime to find out. Here are all the details regarding the Dragon Quest Episode 82 Release Date.

Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai Episode 81 Recap

Episode 81 starts with a conversation between Hyunckel and Larhart, where Larhart explains why and how he was resurrected from the dead. The Blood in his veins that was given by Commander Baran was the reason he woke up from being dead. Hyunckel finally rests after hearing that Larhart will manage the rest and will save everyone else from the threat. We then see Dai and his friends having a conversation with Mystvearn. And during their conversation, Avan suddenly gets dragged into another dark dimension by Killvearn and is forced to fight to the death.

Dragon Quest Episode 82 - Larhart and Hyunckel
Larhart and Hyunckel

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What Will Happen In Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai Episode 82?

Episode 81 ended with a cliffhanger of Avan and Killvearn’s fight where Killvearn was able to successfully land damage to him. And MystVearn, on the other hand, made a bet with Dai, telling him that he knows for sure that Killvearn will win and that his teacher will not come back anymore. Dragon Quest Episode 82 is titled “The Successor of Justice”. The episode will focus on the ongoing fight between Avan and Killvearn, where in the End Credits, we can see a preview of Avan landing an attack on Killvearn. We can also see Dai and his friends having a brawl with Mystvearn as well, and as usual, Mystvearn is easily blocking their every attack.

Dragon Quest Episode 82 - Mystvearn
Preview of Episode 82

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Mystvearn is a character that has been hyped the most throughout the entire series. And fans just can’t wait to discover the real face behind the Mask that Mystvearn wears. Many things are at play in this arc, as the final Fight with the Demon Boss Vearn is just a few steps away. After defeating Killvearn and Mystvearn, not many warriors of the God of Demon Realm will be remaining for Dai and his friends to concur. It will be pretty interesting to witness the last final fight. But it will only be possible when Dai and his friends will defeat Mystvearn. Let’s hope for the best and wait for the next episodes to drop.

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Dragon Quest Episode 82 Release Date

Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai Episode 82 will release on 18th June at 9:30 A.M. (JST Zone).

  • IST Zone Timing – 18th June at 6:00 A.M.
  • EST Zone Timing – 17th June at 8:30 P.M.

Watch Dragon Quest Episode 82 Online – Streaming Details

Viewers from the US can watch Dragon Quest: Adventures of Dai Episode 82 and all other episodes on the Crunchyroll Streaming site. For the Viewers in India, you can stream the first 50 episodes of the anime on Netflix.

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