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Spoilers & Recap: Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 39

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai returned from a weekly break after the Hero Party clashed with the Supreme Being, Zamza. The episode title is ”The World Summit.” After defeating Zamza, the Hero Party talked with the King. The King reveals that Princess Leona is planning a world summit to plan the battle with the Dark Army. Dai wonders what bis all about, and the King shows that Leona gathers Kings and leaders worldwide for the meeting.

The King also said that the leaders had not worked together to take measures to what Dark Army has exploited. As a result, Orzam, Ringaia, and Carl have fallen, but with the call of the young leader, Princess Leona, the remaining leaders have decided to work and plan together to face the Dark Army. Maam, Popp, and the rest of the crew are impressed that not only the Heroes but the Kingdom as a whole will help take down the Dark Army. Dai realizes that Leona told him about something that she can do. The other Heroes asks about the location of the summit.

The King replies that the summit is in a few days, at a location in Papnica, and said he is planning to leave tonight. He asks Dai if he would like to join him. Dai hesitates to reply, and Maam tries to convince him. Maam comments that they will see new faces and get to know about the legendary weapons. Dai told His Majesty that they will leave for Papnica now using Popp’s Zoom Spell. The guy who survived thanks to the Hero party; saved them from Supreme Being Zamza. The guys shake each other hands strengthening the bond of their friendship.

Previously on Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 38

The fighter who entered a tournament to retrieve Sword of Champions said they would train hard for the upcoming showdown with the Dark Army. They are no longer interested in recovering the sword of champions. Chiu can’t believe that no one recognizes him after the fantastic performance he showed during the battle.  Chiu shouts why everyone won’t praise him. The white ghost Hero smacked his head and told Chiu to stop making a fool of himself. Chiu gets furious and said how dare a little ghost talk to him in that manner.

Chiu pulls the guy by his collar and said no one has the right to talk down on him. The two heard a voice of a lady saying, that’s Grand Master Brokeena. Chiu looks away and notices that it is Maam and realizes that he grabbed his Grand Master by the collar. The Grand Master Brokeena took off his ghost costume and landed on the floor in style. Chiu bows in front of the Master and apologizes. Popp wonders if the OG  is the Grand Master. The King shouts it is Sir Brokeena, the Holy Fist.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Brokeena: the Holy Fist

Chiu asks the Grand Master why he disguised himself, and Brokeena replies that he wanted to see the fruits of his student’s training. The warriors inside the room are surprised that Maam and Chiu are the students of Brokeena, the Holy Fist. Brokeena is glad that she saw Maam pulverizing the Supreme Being, Zamza. Chiu realizes that he showed some cowardness during the fight, and the Grand Master saw everything. Brokeena told Chiu that the experience was good for him. Brokeena talked about three years that he spent with Chiu and that his students have improved.

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He is glad that Chiu has improved even though he like bragging, and Brokeena also talked about the funny techniques that Chiu pulled during the battle. Those weird techniques helped Maam get out of Zamza’s belly. The guys inside the room praised Chiu’s performance and said he has the most considerable guts in Romos. Chiu realizes that he gets emotional when everyone is praisng him and shed tears of joy. Grand Master told Chiu not to follow fame since it came after good deeds. Popp comments that Brokeena is a good Master and Chiu cried over his Master’s chest.

The Hero party decided to leave. Chiu told Brokeena that he likes to travel with Maam, and Brokeena allows him. Popp teases Chiu by performing a Zoom, and Chiu thinks that the trio has abandoned him, but they see him from the top of the building. They decided to take him in and arrived at Popp’s home. Popp reunites with his mother. They met with a guy who is surprised that Dai broke the Demon Dragon Blade. Lon is impressed that he met with a true hero who destroyed the sword forged by the gods as the world’s most incredible sword.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 39 Release Date

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 39 release date is 10 July 2021. You can watch Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai online on Crunchyroll.

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