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Spoilers: Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 38

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai

A young boy who has a dream to become a Hero arrives on an island filled with monsters. During his training to become a Hero, the boy lost his Master after learning all sword styles except for Earth Slash. A Dark Lord by the name of Hadlar rise aiming to eliminate all humans in the world. Dai the Hero worked hard with his Hero party to stop the Dark Lord Hadlar. Let’s find what ”Dragon Quest The Adventure” has to offer. Dragon Quest: The Adventure’s latest episode title is ”All In an Instant.”

The episode begins with Zamza saying that a Superior Being is invincible after receiving a heavy blow from Maam. Popp told Maam to hit Zamza on his stomach and free Dai. Maam unleashes Warrior Masters Style Refractor Fist that free Dai. Pop shouts. Maam knocked Dai free. Dai is unconscious, and all thanks to his new clothes that have shield armor. Maam orders Chiu to use one of his items to heal Dai. Zamza recovers from that blow and wonders why his immortal body is breaking apart.

Zamza has lost one horn and a wing with broken ribs. Maam landed a flying kick that sent Zamza flying. Gomez comments that the girl is incredible. Popp comments that Maa’s unique skills are fantastic. Maam begins to shower Superior Being with MMA strikes. Chiu asks if Popp is impressed after witnessing the essence of Grand Master Brokeena’s Warrior Master Style. Chiu reveals that Maam’s most significant attack is the Refractor Fist. He realizes that their Master told Maam that she mastered what would take standard Martial Artists years to complete in days. That day the Master decides to teach Maam his Warrior Master Style’s most incredible skill.

Previously on Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 37

Before Maam and Chiu entered the Sword of Champions competitions, they began training with their Master. Chiu wonders what kind of illness is troubling their Master. Their Master told them that he is suffering from Tinglebuttitis. Chiu wonders if Tingle-butt-itis make their Master cough. Maam asks Master what kind of skill will she learn. Master reveals that he will teach Maam a combination of certain spells with Warrior Master Style. Maam replies that she used to be a Warrior Priest, and she can’t use attack spells.

Grand Master told Maam that attack magic is not the only way to defeat an enemy. He reveals that the spell is Heal. Heal is a spell that magically boosts a body’s bio functions. Grand Master explains how Heal works and narrates a tale the happened in the past. Long ago, excessive healing magic was feared and known as Overheal. Only the most powerful Priest and Sages could wield Overheal as a trump card against monsters, but in time the users of the Overheal all disappeared.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Avan Strash

Grand Master also reveals that the amount of Magic Power Overheal uses is magnitudes above Midheal magic. Fortunately, using healing spells with the Warrior Style Fighting developed the technique to generate devastating force at the moment of impact. Back to the battle, Maam decided to use the techniques that she learned from the Grand Master. Zamza receives blows that put him on the ground. Dai wakes up and wines the powers that he has never seen before. Dai comments that he didn’t know that Maam can fight in that manner.

Popp notice that Dai is not okay and reminds Chiu to give Dai that healing item. Chiu searches himself and finds that he has antidote herb, poisonous herb and wonders where he kept the five medicinal herbs that he always carries around. Chiu realizes that he used all of them when Teeny Sanguini attacked him in the mountains. Popp wonders why Chiu used all five medicinal herbs against the weaklings. Maam wanted to land the final blow, but Zamza spits sticky saliva for her no to cast magic.

Zamza comments that his brain is still sharp since Maam has two types of attacks. Popp notices that Maam won’t be able to fight, and Zamza is at an advantage. Chiu finds a Teardrop Acorn and said it cures a sparrow’s teardrop worth of stamina. Popp thought it is useless, and Dai noted that what he needs. Zamza is glad that the immortal body won’t get hurt since Maam has lost her powers. Popp cast Frizz, and Maam mixes it with Refractor Fist to free her hands from Mucus. Dai uses Avan Strash and cuts Zamaza in half before Zamza explode.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 38 Release Date

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 38 release date is 26 June 2021, at 9:30 AM JS. You can watch Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai online on Crunchyroll.

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