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Preview: Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 9

Dragon Goes House-Hunting

Dearia notices that they had a long journey and decided that they will take a day off. Pip has grown up to a fine kid. Letty decided to take a nap while Dearia looks at their schedule. Pip notices that one of her kind is flying above the sky and wonders how she can do that. She looks at Letty and notices that Letty is different from what she saw above the sky. She wonders why Letty is a dragon, but she looks like an eagle flying above the sky. Pip looks at Letty’s mouth and saw that he has teeth, but she doesn’t have teeth.

She signals Dearia that she wants to learn how to fly. Dearia decided to spend time with Pip since Letty is sleeping. Pip signals Dearia that she wants to learn to fly alone, and he asks her if she is sure. Pip nods her head, and Dearia told her not to go too far. He told her to make sure that she returns before sundown. Pip headed to the forest and started playing alone. Dearia told Pip to enjoy her adventure. The episode is titled Property #8: Pip goes on an Adventure.

Previously on Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 8

On her adventure, Pip enjoys meeting with other birds and creatures that live in the forest. Pip feels that this is where she belongs, and she is happy to make new friends. On her way, she saw a tiny human being. The tiny older man is crying over something, and she tries to cheer him. The older man told Pip to listen to his sad story, and Pip agrees. The tiny older man reveals that he is Mister Leprechaun. He reveals that he once lived in a love shoe house with his friend until a knight’s leg stepped on the top of his house, and it got destroyed.

Because  Mister Leprechaun is so tiny that the knight didn’t see them and their tiny house, but after he tripped, he noticed the house thinking that it is just a shoe and he threw the shoe away. The shoe floated down the river and got washed away. Mister Leprechaun wonders how this world can be so cruel since he has lost everything in a day. He reveals that he split with his friend to find a new home. Mister Leprechaun asks Pip if she can help them get their house back.

The Adventures of Pip and The Leprechauns

Dragon Goes House-Hunting

Dragon Goes House-Hunting

Pip aggress and reveals that Dearia is helping a dragon to look for a home. Mister Leprechaun wonders why a human is helping a dragon look for home while the dragons are the world dominators. Meanwhile, Letty dreams about someone telling him that the dragons are the world dominant, and he wakes up and comments they are not. But he went to sleep again.  Pip and Mister Leprechaun continue with their adventures.  Mister Leprechaun is excited that now he can find a new home, but he heard his friend’s voice.

The two Leprechauns got reunited and ask Pip to help them find the best shoe house in town. The trio spots humans, and one of the humans comments that he is tired and took off one of his shoes. The Leprechauns notice that it is the shoe they have been looking for. The humans think they can find treasures around, and Pip points at the shoes and the Leprechauns realize that he is saying they have to get that shoe. The Leprechauns can’t believe that they have to steal one of the humans’ shoes. They reply that they can’t mess up with the heroes since their hiding will get exposed.

Pip told the Leprechauns that she would take care of everything and nothing will happen. They ask her how she knows to deal with the heroes. Pip reminds the Leprechauns that the heroes are not allowed to mess with them since they might get arrested. She thinks that Letty will scare the heroes since he is a legendary dragon. Pip pranks the heroes, and they run away while leaving their stuff behind. The Leprechauns got their home back, and Pip reunited with Letty and listened to Dearia’s story.

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 9 Release Date

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 9 will release on Sunday, 30 May 2021, at 10:00 PM JST. You can watch Dragon Goes House-Hunting online on AnimeLab.

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