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Preview: Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 8

Dragon Goes House Hunting

Letty has been captured by the hero party that was looking for him. They realize that Red Flaming Dragon is worth a fortune. The knight told Letty that he must stay here and he must not cause them trouble. They find why Letty was an easy catch since Red Flame Dragons are legendary dragons that won’t get captured easily by humans. Letty and his son Pino got locked inside the cell, and he has no clue what to do to free them. When the knight has left the cell, Letty started shouting, asking someone to help him.

Pino is surprised that his father is a dragon, but he is asking for help. The episode is title Property #7: A Home of Fighting. Letty waits for a hero or someone to save him out of jail. He wonders what will happen to him if he doesn’t make it out. Letty remembers that a knight told him not to damage their merchandise or the worst will happen. He decided to stay calm, being afraid that if he messes up, the worst will happen. Letty started to think about different things that they might try to do at him.

Previously on Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 7

Letty thinks that they will skin him alive and sell his part or use his bones to make weapons and sell them. He rubs those ideas and realizes he has to get out since one of those two ideas might become a reality. Letty realizes that he can’t escape and told Pip to run. Pip tried to help his father think of a way to escape. Letty told Pip to listen to his father, and he must leave. Pip realizes that he won’t survive without his father. He signals Letty to chew the steel bars using his teeth.

Letty wanted to give up and realizes that Pip would consider him to be a weak father. He steps up and starts to chew the steel bars but felt like he broke his tooth. Pip wonders why the legendary dragon instant won’t kick withing his father. Suddenly a  handsome demon horse arrives. Letty saw his eyes and begs his life, asking the gorgeous demon horse not to skin him and sell him.

The handsome demon horse comments that it is another idiot fooling around. The gorgeous demon horse is revealed to be Orubas. Letty notices that Orobas is not evil and scary. Orubas asks them if they are hungry. Letty asks Orubas to get them out of the cell, and he is on an important journey. He also told him that he got separated from his partner and was captured by the hero party.

Skeleton Bros

Dragon Goes House Hunting

Dragon Goes House Hunting

Letty comments that he doesn’t want his story to end with getting turned into cool gear. Orubas can’t believe that Letty is asking him an easy thing. He opens the gate, and Letty realizes that the gate was not locked the whole time. Orubas knows that the hero party threatens the hostage, but they forget to close the gate all the time. Orubas asks Letty to come over and have a cup of tea with the likes of him. Letty realizes that more prisoners are still alive.

He wonders why they are not killed or sold. When they arrive at the cell, Letty finds that all of the guys are skinny skeletons. He wonders if those guys have spent many years without eating. They welcome him and offer him food and drinks. Letty thought that he would meet with scary muscle guys, but he is the scary one. Orubas introduce Letty to the crew. Letty wonders what kind of prison is this. Orubas introduce Letty to the Skeleton Bros and the werewolf Daniel.

He also introduced him to the devastating beauty of Madonna, the lovely Cassandra. Orubas reveals that his handsome name is Steve around this territory. He notices a bunch of weirdos, and he said that they are too many for the introduction. The guys shout that he must introduce all of them to Letty. Steve told them to come and introduce themselves. He reveals the truth about the prison and that it is a fighting arena. Letty works hard and makes his way out of the prison, and reunites with Dearia.

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 8 Release Date

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 8 will release on Sunday, 23 May 2021, at 10:00 PM JST. You can watch Dragon Goes House-Hunting online on AnimeLab.

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