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Preview: Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 10

Dragon Goes House Hunting

Dearia met with another legendary black dragon who asks Dearia if he is the Dark Lord. Dearia looks at the dragon showing that he is not scared. The dragon bowed and told Dearia to allow him to introduce himself. The guy reveals that he is a black dragon from the Onyx Mountains, and his name is Varney. Varney said he is pleased to meet the Dark Lord, and he hopes Dark Lord always remembers him. Dearia wonders what this guy is saying. Varney comments that he is making his acquaintance.

Varney thought that Dearia would say he is glad to meet with him. Dearia replies that he has passed that in old ages. Varney reads his book, trying to find how he should talk with the Dark Lord. Dearia notices that Varney has a business with him. But he is worried that he has more than a thousand clients that he has to help. Dearia thinks it is better to tell Varney to leave after convincing him. Varney took a piece of paper out of his neck pocket and find that Dearia is the guy that will help him.

Previously on Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 9

He looks at the sketch of Dearia and finds it is Dearia, even though the drawing is horrible. Dearia looks at the sketch and comments that Varney has the wrong man. Varney insists that this is the guy, and Dearia told him to take a closer look, and he looks nothing like the man in that picture. Varney looks at the view while scratching his chin, wondering if this is the man. But he realizes that his instincts are always right. He comments that humans and elves look the same, but he is surprised that Dearia’s ears are long and not normal for a human.

Varney threw that picture away and said it doesn’t matter since the Dark Lord Agency guys sent him this way for a reason. Dearia realizes that it will be challenging to convince Varney to leave. Varney points at Dearia and comments that he cannot be wrong he is looking at the Dark Lord. He told Dearia that he needs his help with something. Dearia told Varney that they could start by introducing themself before they can begin. He reveals that he is Dearia, and the black dragon replies that his name has not changed; he still Varney.

Varney points at his skinny and comments that he can tell that he is the black dragon. But his hot woman has a long tail, pretty claws, beautiful but also black. Dearia comments that he does not recall asking Varney about his preference for women. He asks Varney if he is the Mighty Dark Dragon that the Heroes have placed a bounty. Varney reveals that it is him, and he is the dread wyrm that builds mountains out of the corpses of Heroes. He also shows that sometimes he burns the towns, and sometimes he lurks in labyrinths.

A Home for a Black Dragon

Dragon Goes House-Hunting

Dragon Goes House-Hunting

Varney comments that if someone hears that the Mighty Dark Dragon gets spotted somewhere, he terrorizes Heroes. Dearia asks Varney if he follows rumors or what he truly is. Varney shows Dearia his power and stomps the ground while unleashing a powerful gust of wind. Dearia asks Varney what he wants him to do for him. Varney replies a good house. Dearia replies that Varney is asking the wrong man and suggests that he visit a real estate agent, a dwarven artisan, or visit the local social services office.

Varney gets angry and says he is trying to be nice, but Dearia tells him to leave. He reminds Dearia what kind of Dark Lord can’t help those who are in trouble. Varney also said that the Dark Lord could click his finger, and the house appears in an instant.
Dearia asks Varney if this is the way he asks someone for help. Varney asks if Dearia does not like his attitude, and he started rolling on the ground, asking Dearia to help him find a home.

Suddenly a green serpent arrives and asks Dearia if he has brought another customer. The serpent told Dearia that he should help Varney and explains why. Varney’s fists pump his chest and comment on what he has is saying. Dearia told Varney to relax since he is talking to his serpent master. He helps Varney to find his new home and meeting with Pip and Letty at night. Dearia told them how he helps Varney get his new home. He notices that Letty and Pip are dozing off and comments that they will finish this story another day.

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 10 Release Date

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 10 will release on Sunday, 6 June 2021, at 10:00 PM JST. You can watch Dragon Goes House-Hunting online on AnimeLab.

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