Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power Will Be Stopped Soon

When the Grand Priest said that half of the time has already passed of the tournament of power and the legendary assassin, Hit dropped out of the ring; it was a moment of consternation to us all. The tournament was only half over and the legendary assassin is gone. Not only that but Goku vs Jiren already happened. Doesn’t it looks like the climax already happened with literally half of the tournament still in our hands.

Why pack the first half of the tournament up with action and the big fights unless there isn’t going to be a full 2nd half. Sure we still are going to witness fights that will be astonishing like Vegeta vs Toppo and Frieza hopefully goes on a rampage soon. Except that won’t take up more than 5-8 minutes. The entire Goku vs Kale and Caulifla episode took 1 minute.

We have 22 mins left and literally everyone that is left on the stage could have an epic battle and only bring us down to the 12-15 minute mark (Including Kafla fusing and fighting strong opponents and everything).

So this tournament is just going to acknowledge the last one standing and the one will get his wish easily seems impossible. I mean let’s just say that did happen then what would the next Arc even be? Who would be the next villain or what kind of plot it is if there is no Villain or is ended that way?

So something terrible might happen and that will shake the world of the void leaving us in shock for sure into the next Arc and adventure, Akira Toriyama is well known for that. The Grand Priest thought it was daring for Jiren to begin to meditate with half the time remaining but what if Jiren is smarter than we think. What if Jiren is meditating because he senses another threat and is saving his breathe for the real fight, and maybe that’s why he didn’t eliminate Goku.

I still believe that when Hit earlier in the tournament said that ” I sense a disturbing presence ” he was actually referring to something or someone we haven’t seen yet, his/her presence was that disastrous that made Hit think for a while (Hit can sense anyone even if they faint their Ki, as he’s an assassin. Fainting Ki and sensing faint Ki is a child’s play for him).

He didn’t say energy of another fighter but an actual presence that was disturbing to even the legendary assassin. Could someone be watching this tournament with enormous interest someone who has been waiting for an opportunity? Maybe an evil and very ancient force one which Hit had sensed?

I know many most of you are going to say or think that it’s not possible as everyone here is the strongest in the multiverse and no one is that stupid to attack with the grand priest there and both Zen-ohs. However, they don’t have to do a head on attack! no one would be that foolish, I guess. Although they could still manage interrupt it. I still think that Zen-oh can’t erase everything which is the main reason why the Angels are above it and are the ones always being spared.

tournament of power

They are divine beings and maybe aren’t effected by such a technique. If this is true perhaps there are other beings like fallen angels that are also not effected by Zen-ohs abilities. Maybe the Angels from the destroyed Universes were spared and they wants to take the revenge for destroying their universes. This is the only possible way to make this ‘Tournament of Power’ arc’s ending plot go better.

The question of what Arc can be next to top this one when fighters like Jiren and Goku have power that devastate fear in the Gods. Well this is the perfect time where we have a full Angel saga the good vs the bad and to show us how it all started, Why Zeno sama is the strongest being? Despite of being the strongest why he need guards? If the Daishinkan is one of the Top 5 strongest then where are the other four?

The Fallen Angels Arc can involve the Demon Realm and how after hiding for such a long time they have finally found a perfect time to strike. That time is now! at this tournament! So after we see the fusion next week of Kafla and the hidden fighters from Universe 4  appears then we get the remaining big fights like Vegeta vs Toppo and elimination of Rebrianne out of the way and get down to about 10-12 minutes remaining in the tournament and then something huge might happen.

Well that’s all for today! Thanks for reading, let me know your opinions in the comment section below.

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Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

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