Dragon Ball Super Spoiler Episode 125 New God Of Destruction Appears

Dragon Ball Super town is hit with a new set of spoiler.New spoiler summary of episode 124 and 125 and they point at some major upcoming. As we look at the new spoiler summary that was leaked by TV guide they’re too short compared to the usual spoilers, it’s because of they’re coming from a TV guide, and we don’t expect them to spoil you half of the episode.

Dragon Ball super episode is titled “Fierce Assault! Gohan’s Final Stand!!” which is set to air on January 21st.

According to the spoilers of episode 124, Vegeta and Goku will continue their fierce attack and they take a severe counter blow from Jiren. Through the spoilers, it’s totally confirmed that Vegeta and Goku will be teaming up together to defeat Jiren and they are going to give everything they have and still it won’t be enough for Jiren.

Moreover, spoilers state that they will take a severe counter blow from Jiren, I think that Jiren is going to bring Goku and Vegeta to there Knees, Goku and Vegeta might suffer serious injuries. Spoilers also confirmed that Vegeta will surpass the Gods.We will see all the action in live real soon.

Anyways too much talking about 124, the real hype is about episode 125. Episode 125 is titled as “Majestic! Advent of the God of Destruction, Toppo!” new summary revealed, “Just as number 17 and Frieza have Toppo cornered, something strange starts happening to him”. According to the spoilers, Android 17 and Frieza are going to team up and counter Toppo, but suddenly something unusual happened to Toppo. It seems Android 17 and Frieza will give Toppo a hard time and will corner Toppo, with now where to run Toppo might unleash his true power or his God Of Destruction powers.So it really seems Toppo has awakened some new God Of Destruction power and will be going to be tough against Universe 7 warriors.

In episode 123 we saw Frieza going against Dyspo and Gohan and Android 17 against Toppo, but as per new spoilers, the enemies have switched places.The spoilers above leaves us with so many questions wandering around, the main one being what happened to Gohan?! why is he not even mentioned, and why is Frieza fighting Toppo with Android17 now?! are Gohan and Dyspo out of the ring?! or just used their full powers and got tired we don’t know for sure we’ll have to wait until the new episode.

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more leaks and news with us, and what do you think happened to Gohan? Is he out of bounds? or just recovering in shadows? lemme know in comments or also you can connect with me on Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram.


The Biggest Plot Hole About ‘World of Void’ In ToP

Hey everyone! In today’s post, I want to talk about the World of Void. I think everyone knows what the World of Void is. But for those who don’t know, let me explain. The World of Void is a place where the Tournament of Power is being held. It is a place of Infinite nothingness. There literally is nothing there. There is no space, and no time. The only thing that exists there is the ring that was created for the Tournament of Power to be held.

Since the concept of time didn’t exist in the World of Void, the huge pillar was used to keep track of the duration of the Tournament of Power. When it was first revealed that the Tour Tournament of Power will have no time, lots of people were confused. But, has that really been the case? Is there really no time in the World of Void?

If there isn’t, then the world outside would be the same as it was when a person entered the World of Void. Literally, no time should have passed outside. It should be like a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, only a billion times more powerful. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Remember Universe 2? When they were erased, we found out something really interesting.

They had been broadcasting the Tournament of Power across their entire Universe. Everyone was cheering them on, and they watched the entire thing. This shouldn’t really have been possible, it there was no time in the World of Void. To the people in the World of Void, the people in Universe 2 should’ve looked like a picture. They shouldn’t be able to move or anything.

That’s not all. Hit being able to use Timeskip during the Tournament of Power was another interesting thing to notice. What does he skip if there is not it in the World of Void? Should his techniques be useless?

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