Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Return Confirmed?

Dragon Ball Super Return Date

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has been talked about ever since the show ended back in March. When Super’s end was announced, we pretty much knew that this wasn’t going to be it for the series. I think everyone knew that the show would return at one point in the future, and that did come out to be true as a sequel in the form of a movie was announced soon after the show ended.

Broly was revealed to be the main antagonist of the movie a short while later, and the excitement went over the roof. But then, what about the anime? Is it ever going to return? Well, every clue that we have points towards a return of Dragon Ball Super, and we’ll be discussing that in detail in this post.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super: Season 2 Updates

First things first, Dragon Ball Super was never declared to be a finished story. We were told that the show is over for now, but nobody knew what was going to happen in the future. The real reason why they had to end the series was the fact that there was limited staff, and all the animators had to overwork to produce what they were producing.

This wasn’t healthy for Toei, and for the animators either. So, they went on to end the show. However, when Super does return, it is probably going to do so in an organized manner, where the staff doesn’t have to work as much as they do. The most significant update on a return of the series that we’ve gotten so far is that this year’s Jump Festa will have a Dragon Ball Super Panel.

Jump Festa 2019 will be held in the month of December, after the movie premieres. So without a doubt, we’ll be getting new Dragon Ball related information. Whether it’s going to be about an anime or another movie remains to be seen. But, I’m pretty sure that Dragon Ball Super will return in some form in 2019, and I hope you all are ready! Goku is here to stay!

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