Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date Discussion

Dragon Ball Super has been gone for about 7 months now, and every single day since then, you hear some new rumor about the show being back. At this point, we already have about four different release dates for Dragon Ball Super’s return, but I’m here to provide you with the most accurate information that I have on its return. But, first things first, nothing has been confirmed yet. As of now, Dragon Ball Super is not returning.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

That’s obvious, because all the hype that there is right now is surrounding the movie. So, they won’t confirm an anime return just yet. So when can we expect Dragon Ball Super to return with a Season 2? Will it even return? I believe that it will return in 2019, without a doubt.

Dragon Ball Super’s end was never really confirmed. Fuji TV clearly said that Dragon Ball Super is over for now, and there’s nothing that they can see about it. A hint? Seems like that to me. But, that’s not the only clue we have. Dragon Ball Super has a panel in this year’s Jump Festa, which takes place on December 22, 2018. Now, you may think that this is just another promotional material for the movie, but no, the movie comes out on December 14, so holding a panel for that would be completely useless.

This is definitely a huge new announcement, and I have enough confidence to say that it is for a new television anime for Super that will be heading our way in 2019. As far as the release date goes, I don’t know when it will be out. However, if I had to guess, I would say July 2019 seems like the best date. April 2019 would be great, but too quick for the production to handle things at a comfortable pace. So, I think a July release date makes more sense.

Do you want Dragon Ball Super to return? What were your thoughts on the first half of the series? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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