Dragon Ball Super Reveals New Villain And His Shocking Powers

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 43 dropped recently, and it was an intense start to a new arc. I have to say, the story is shaping up quite nicely, and this new arc has me interested. The pacing for the manga has been under attack several times. Some call it too fast, others say Toyotaro isn’t even interested, but the thing is he’s always been trying to catch up to the manga, so the pacing has been whacky at times.

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc Villain

But, things will be different now. He’s finally pulled ahead of the anime, and from here on out, he doesn’t have to worry about the anime overshadowing the manga. This new arc could be considered to be a new beginning for Dragon Ball Super, and I’m sure Toyotaro and Toriyama are both working hard to make something that the fans will enjoy. In the recent chapter, we saw the new villain Moro.

Dragon Ball Super Introduces A New Villain

Moro is a character who fought the Daikaioshin 10 million years ago. The Daikaioshin used a deadly technique to stop him, but now he’s free once again. According to Merus, his power knows no limits, and this is a very tense situation for everyone.

We saw him casually turn a planet to nothing and absorbing its energy when he fought the Daikaioshin and Merus stated that his energy is growing rapidly now. Goku already sensed Moro, and it seems Moro has sensed him as well. This is going to be an interesting arc for me, and I can’t control my excitement. Of course, my expectations are high as well. Let’s hope next month’s chapter tells us more information about Moro.

Here’s the synopsis for the current arc of Dragon Ball Super:
“After the Tournament of Power concludes, Goku and Vegeta are training together when all of a sudden Bulma passes on a message to them from Mister Satan. There are some strange guys at his place who are trying to kidnap Buu while he’s asleep. Goku and Vegeta head to the place Immediately, and they find the group taking the sleeping Majin Buu with them on their ship. The leader of the ship recognizes both Goku and Vegeta, and he quickly uses his Anesthesia Gun to knock them out. When Goku and Vegeta wake up, they find themselves in the HQ of the Galactic Patrol.

Jaco can also be seen there. Merus is the guy who kidnapped them, and he’s the Number 1 patrolman in charge of 104 districts. He tells Goku and Vegeta about the escape of a certain prisoner. This prisoner needs to be captured, but for that, they need the help of the Daikaioshin who Buu absorbed years ago.”

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