‘Dragon Ball Super’ Reveals New ‘Broly’ Designs

Dragon Ball Super Broly has been talked about a lot recently, and today we have more news from the movie for you guys. Just last week, we got to know more details about the plot of the movie. We have previously heard rumors about Broly being completely rewritten, but we did not know what extent they would go to alter the plot of the film.

It is pretty clear that Broly is a character who both Goku and Vegeta have never seen before, so that means that all the other Broly stuff that was in the past is not canon anymore. Hopefully, we’ll see a much important role for Broly in the movie, and even after that. I hope he becomes one of the main members of the Z Fighters and Dragon Ball super if it ever returns.

Dragon Ball Super Broly

Just recently, we got more character designs for the Broly movie, but we have already seen some of them before. But, there’s one significant difference that I wanted to point out. As you can see, we have three character design sheets for Broly here, and two of them are very similar to each other. However, if you look closely, one sheet has Broly with blue pants instead of purple, and he has the necklace on in one while it is absent in the other one.

This is very interesting, and this tells me that the Broly with the necklace on and without the armor is one who is not from the timeline of the movie. It is probably him before the movie. The Broly without the necklace is perhaps the one from the film after break free of Paragus’ control, in case he is controlling him at all.

I am interested to see you where Dragon Ball super Broly takes the whole storyline. I am sure that this is not the end of Dragon Ball Super. We are definitely going to see a continuation either in the form of manga, maybe more movies, or TV show that may arrive in the coming years. But this is not going to be the end. Let me know what your thoughts are on these new character designs. Do you think Broly will become one of the main Z fighters? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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