Dragon Ball Super: Piccolo to Get Eliminated Next in ToP?!


Isn’t that a too obvious topic. At least it is for me. Well out of all the 7 warriors of Universe 7 Team i.e. Goku, Frieza, Vegeta, Gohan, Android 17, Android 18 and Piccolo, I think Piccolo is the second weakest of them all after Android 18.

Doesn’t sound like a reason for his dropout, does it? Well as you all may have seen in the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, No Warrior can harm Android 18 until Android 17 is on the stage. We did get to see a wonderful scene that featured Android 17 helping out Android 18 who broke her ankle or something and finally Android 18 was able to get rid of the Ribrianne.

Oh, that made me so happy. I was really getting sick of watching that Ribrianne fighting with the Z Fighters spouting nonsense things like Love and all. Well it seems Android 17 will do anything to protect his teammates (including Android 18)

Whether it is giving all he’s got to fight some tough opponent and drop out to save his Sister or maybe making her fall out to save her from some danger, he may do both of them. So I think Android 18 is in a safe spot right now.

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Moreover, Doctor Gero made the Androids such that their Inner Energy will always remain constant and they’ll never wither themselves (that’s what it seemed to me after watching the fight between Android 18 and Vegeta dating back to Dragon Ball Z) and it seems like Android 18 became stronger since she was able to drop out Ribrianne.

So, that’s more of a reason for Android 18 to be safe. Now that wasn’t the main topic, was it? So why will Piccolo drop out?

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Well, Piccolo has been seen sacrificing his life for Gohan multiple times. Like against Vegeta, Nappa, Frieza, etc in Dragon Ball Z. Also in Dragon Ball GT, Piccolo was seen dying along with the destruction of Earth to save Goku who lost all his power in transporting all the Earthlings to the Planet created by Baby.

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It was written in the latest Spoilers that while fighting against the last two hopes of Universe 6 i.e. the two Namekians of Universe 6, Piccolo and Gohan will have a hard time against those two and Piccolo will do something unbelievable or unanticipated to save our Gohan from getting knocked by the ridiculously Strong Namekians from Universe 6.

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So it may not be wrong to say that Piccolo will just stretch his hands or something to bind those Namekians and dropout with them.Does it sound Obvious now? Anyways that’s it for today. Thank You for reading my blog.


Last 3 Remaining Universes in Tournament of Power!

Howdy, As we all know; The tournament of power arc is getting better day by day. Unwanted warriors and universes are eliminated. What’s more? In the latest episode, one of the most-hated character (Ribrianne) got eliminated.

Coming to the stats Tournament of Power, Right now, there are 6 universes fighting in the tournament of power with almost 24 warriors left. Vegeta is still the MVP with most eliminations (Eliminated 6 Warriors).

Just before coming to the main topic, I would like to tell you guys that this article contains spoilers from next episode. So now, without any more delays let’s begin –

Dragon Ball Super Episode 118’s Title clearly says: Vanishing UNIVERSES”. which clearly means that there is more than 1 universe(s) going to get eliminated in the episode.

Synopsis: Gohan and Piccolo’s tough fight! Gohan and Piccolo struggle against the desperate attacks of Universe 6’s final warriors, Saonel and, Pirina! Piccolo, therefore, thinks up a method of attack that their opponents won’t expect.

Frieza this week: furious at being robbed of his pleasure?! Frieza tries to attack the paralyzed Zarbuto and co. (universe 2), but is ….