Dragon Ball Super Part 2 Release Date And Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super wrapped up the Tournament of Power arc back in March of this year, and we’ve all wanted to show to return ever since. Of course, it was never confirmed that the show was ending for good. All we were told was Dragon Ball Super is ending. The Broly movie was announced soon after that, and we found out that it is going to be a continuation of the Dragon Ball Super series. Recently, the manga wrapped up its Tournament of Power arc as well.

Dragon Ball Super Part 2

While most of us thought that the Broly movie would be next, it appears Toyotaro has actually skipped the entire movie and moved ahead, which seems like the reasonable thing to do. He didn’t spoil the movie, and he also went ahead of the anime when it comes to the plot, which is what he wanted to begin with. Now, a completely new arc in the manga has finally begun, and it is called the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc.

In this arc, a prisoner has escaped from tht Galactic Patrol’s grasp and they want to recapture him. They also need the help of Daikaioshin, who was absorbed by Buu long ago. I don’t know who’s they’ll get him out of Buu’s body, or if they’ll just skip the defusion entirely, but it looks like things are getting interesting in Dragon Ball Super. So what does this have to do with the anime you ask? Well, at this point, it is obvious that the manga is going to continue.

Since Dragon Ball Super is a huge franchise, I’m pretty sure that an anime adaptation of the manga will follow very soon and they’ll probably start from the Broly movie. I think Dragon Ball Super will definitely make a return in 2019. If it does return, I expect it to be back around April 2019, or July 2019. It’s time to get excited, Dragon Ball fans!

Here’s the synopsis for the next arc of Dragon Ball Super:
“After the Tournament of Power concludes, Goku and Vegeta are training together, when all of a sudden Bulma passes on a message to them from Mister Satan. Apparently, there are some strange guys at his place who are trying to kidnap Buu while he’s asleep. Goku and Vegeta head to the place Immediately, and they find the group taking the sleeping Majin Buu with them on their ship. The leader of the ship recognizes both Goku and Vegeta and he quickly uses his Anesthesia Gun to knock them out. When Goku and Vegeta wake up, they find themselves in the HQ of the Galactic Patrol.

Jaco can also be seen there. Merus is the guy who kidnapped them, and he’s the Number 1 patrolman in charge of 104 districts. He tells Goku and Vegeta about the escape of a certain prisoner. This prisoner needs to be captured, but for that, they need the help of the Daikaioshin who Buu absorbed years ago.”

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