Dragon Ball Super Next Arc Name Confirmed

Dragon Ball Super Broly movie spoilers are out right now, and the whole movie synopsis is available for those who want to get spoiled. The official premiere in Japan will happen next month, but for those who are already spoiled (or are lucky to have seen the movie early), one question remains big: what will be the next arc for Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Next Arc Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super’s next arc is expected to be the continuation of the events from the Broly movie. However, the manga’s new arc is expected to come this month, which means that we will see the materials for the next arc before the movie itself. It can be noted that the DBS manga just finished its Universal Survival Arc. The manga changed a lot of scenes from the anime and it might do the same for the next arc. This reminder is put here because the title for the manga’s next arc might be unbelievable for some.

According to Geekdom101, the Dragon Ball Super Next Arc is titled “Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc” which seem to have something related with Jaco. This arc might or might not be connected to after-Broly events and is only confirmed for the manga right now. Things might change when they resume the anime. The producers might decide not to follow Toyotaro’s manga and resume the anime with the events just after the Broly fight.

Fans from Twitter believes that this new manga arc will be about this new character below, which was previewed for the Switch port of Dragon Ball Heroes. It is because this unnamed guy has the Galactic Patrol symbol on his chest.

dragon ball super new arc
via @AntonioLucci

Is he a new enemy or an ally? We will find out soon on November 21, when the Dragon Ball Super next arc starts.

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