‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga vs Anime

Dragon Ball Super Manga has been highly controversial recently for some reasons among the community. Many fans are concerned about the divergence between the manga and anime that is noticeably growing with every new chapter. However, there’s more than meets the eye. So, without any further delay, lets dive right into it.

Hate surrounding Dragon Ball Super Manga

At this point, Dragon ball Super’s anime adaptation is ahead of the manga which is partly the reason why many fans are upset about how manga isn’t consistently following the anime. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 39 was released recently where the entire idea about Goku achieving Ultra Instinct was reworked which raised a few eyebrows.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 39

Dragon Ball Super Manga vs AnimeIn the manga, we see that despite powering up to Super Saiyan Blue, Goku is having a hard time dealing with Jiren; and this is when Master Roshi steps in to save the day. He helps Goku realize that brute strength isn’t something a martial artist should rely on. He even manages to go toe to toe with Jiren until he’s finally overpowered and knocked out. However, Goku follows his master’s guidance and can tap into Ultra instinct for a short period.

The entire idea about how Roshi was able to hold his ground against Jiren left many fans complaining and questioning the relevance of power scales in Super. Roshi being able to use a technique resembling Ultra Instinct was difficult to digest for many people. So, is the manga version bad or inferior? NO. It’s even more refined and can avoid all the plot holes that the anime created. Besides, it’s good to see side characters like Roshi get some attention once a while; this helps the series stay refreshing.

The Future of Dragon Ball Super Manga

Dragon Ball Super Manga vs AnimeShounen genre has greatly evolved now. Toyotaro is well aware that solely focusing on the main character and casually throwing a bunch of power-ups will make the show bland. Toriyama has praised Toyotaro’s work time and time about how Toyotaro is taking dragon ball super in a new direction at the same time, preserving his legacy. Toriyama’s confidence in his protege is evident from the fact that many ideas and inputs from Toyotaro are taken into consideration and adapted in the anime.

Dragon Ball Super Manga vs. Anime

Dragon Ball Super Manga vs Anime

It’s true that Anime has its moments, but Super’s Manga is more polished than the anime adaptation. If you haven’t read the manga yet, do consider giving it a try. In comparison to anime, every fight scene is surprisingly detailed and organic. Let us know your thoughts about this. Which one do you prefer? Manga or Anime.

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