Dragon Ball Super Manga To Possibly Begin ‘Broly Arc’ This Month

Hey everyone! The Dragon Ball Super manga adapted the Tournament of Power arc earlier this year, and it had been extremely fats past for understandable reasons. Toyotaro has mentioned that he wants his manga to get ahead of the anime and that it would be better that way. He got his chance when Dragon Ball Super anime went on a break, and now here we are. The manga has caught with the anime, and this month, we’ve been told that the manga will enter a new arc.

Ultra Instinct Dragon Ball Super Broly

New Arc In Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Now, we know that the finale to the Tournament of Power remains to be seen. However, the manga is going to make sure that we begin the new arc in the same chapter as well. This probably means that the Tournament of Power will end within the first 15 pages and then everyone will return to their planets after they’re brought back. Towards the end of the chapter, we may be teased about Broly meeting Freeza at a far-off planet.

It must be noted that it wasn’t stated that the next arc in Dragon Ball Super manga is going to be the Broly one. However, I don’t think that the manga and the movie are going to differ too much. We’ll probably see the Broly arc being adapted next and I think that it’ll be done in a way in which we’ll get the most out of the Toriyama’s script. Remember, Toriyama’s script for the movie was originally 3 hours long. They cannot do a movie that’s 3 hours long, so they had to trim it to about half of that time.

It is possible that the manga will include various other details that the movie is going to skip, so I’m excited for what’s to come in the Dragon Ball Super manga. I know that lots of you are disappointed with the manga because the Tournament of Power was below our expectations. However, I’m giving Toyotaro the benefit of the doubt because he needed to catch up and move ahead of the anime, ao rushing through things should’ve been expected.

Dragon Ball Super manga returns later this month in the V-Jump. Make sure that you check Otakukart daily to find more information on the upcoming chapter.

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