Dragon Ball Super Manga Begins The Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc

Dragon Ball Super manga is at the end of the Tournament of Power now, and this month, we’re going to witness the start of a completely new arc in the series. The manga has had its ups and downs recently, but I think the last two chapters were really good. We’re now going to head into the finale of the Tournament of Power. Jiren will be defeated, and Universe 7 will win the Super Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Super Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc

Whoever wins will ask for all the erased Universes to be brought back, just like in the anime. Now most of us thought that the next arc the manga would be starting after this would be the Broly one. We know that the movie is a sequel to the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. However, that isn’t how they’re operating, it seems. In fact, we’re getting a completely new arc that’s original to the manga.

Galactic Patrol Arc Begins

From the preview of the V-Jump, the next arc in the series is going to be the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc. For those wondering, this arc will not be set in between the Tournament of Power and the movie. Rather, it will cover the events after that Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. This needed to be done because Toyotaro really wanted to get ahead of the anime. He’s accomplished that goal, and now he can easily go at his own pace.

Coming over to the next arc of Dragon Ball Super, it seems there is some Prisoner who has managed to escape from the hands of the Space Police, and Goku and Vegeta need to stop him. He seems to be a very powerful foe, and stopping him will not be easy. Jaco will likely be involved in this arc, in one way or the other. Furthermore, according to the preview, we may even see the Daikaioshin from the Buu Saga that Buu absorbed to get fat.

Dragon Ball Super manga returns later this month in the next V-Jump issue. Make sure that you check out Otakukart regularly to stay updated.

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