Dragon Ball Super Just Teased New Fusion

The description of episode 115 piqued plenty of attention. You can check out the review of “Goku vs. Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!”

“Fighting Universe 7’s Goku, Universe 6’s Caulifla and Kale use the “Potara” earrings that Kaioshin’s wear to merge. In Goku vs. Kefla,” Kefla overwhelms him with miraculous power. Observing this, the people from the other universes wonder if they too should use Potara to merge, and start forming strategies…”

Vados stated that Kefla’s strength is more than ten times their individual powers merged, while Kefla herself said she feels the infinite power and Goku commented that he cannot sense an limit to it. During the fight with Toppo in the latest episode, Vegeta stated that he felt “an incredible energy.”

However, the other universes now know they can get away with using the Potara earrings, leaving the show open to some new fusions. And, as you can observe below, there are a few likely candidates who might use potara fusion in this Arc.

4. Gamisaras and Damom

Actually, Gamisaras and Damom both are twin Brothers from Universe 4.

Both are supposed to be mighty warriors with some unique techniques.

  • Shapeshifting
  • Body Shedding
  • Dodging techniques
  • Self Destruction

3. Ribrianne And Rozie

universe 2 helles


She believes happiness and love are the most important emotions. She also has a low patience for insults.

Ribrianne doesn’t seem like an actual threat till now, But this character is getting too much growing up. If she’s going to do something great, then that necessity be a Fusion with her companion Rozie.


Rozie seems to be very relaxed going as seen when she was battling Goku, and smiling at the same time. However, after Kakunsa was defeated, Rozie took everything more seriously and promised to revenge her by defeating Goku.

If this fusion happens then, they definitely trying to take revenge on Universe 7.

2. Pilina And Saonel ( Namekians of Universe 6)

Champa was apparently saving the Namekians for some reveal, The fact that they were hiding from the start of Tournament, Must mean Champa is keeping them for something Big.
Maybe, another fusion like kale, If this happens then Gohan and Piccolo are in Big Danger.

1. Goku and Gohan

In the Majin Buu arc, Goku and Gohan were prepared to fuse with the Potara earrings. However, before they can merge their bodies, Gohan was absorbed by Majin Buu, taking away the possibility to see what could have been tremendous.

Now, thanks to the tournament of power, this is a real possibility, since Potara Fusion is currently allowed in the Tournament. If this duo fuse in Dragon Ball Super, they would form a warrior who could so SSJBlue, use UI, and even go into a Mystic form.

Fusion has always been a crazy power jump based individually on its formula which is an established center in Dragon Ball. But people just want to reject it because they cannot understand how insane Fusion can be or maybe they don’t know how crazy fusion result can be.


Why Goku Won’t Be The Last Man Standing From Universe 7

Universe 7 is one of the most dominant Universes in the Tournament of Power, and along with Universe 6 and Universe 11.

Universe 7 has many fitted contestants left.

1. Android 17
2. Android 18
3. Vegeta
4. Son Goku
5. Son Gohan
6. Frieza
7. Piccolo

To guarantee their survival, they have to knock out the rest of the opponents.

But, the mystery remains, who will be the last man standing from Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power?

Well, this is a tough question, but I assume we can all admit that Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Frieza are their best fighters in the Tournament of Power. The rest are active as well, but these four always get particular attention, and they’re genuinely mighty.

What’re the chances of Goku being the Last Man Standing From Universe 7?

He’s been the only real focus of the Tournament of Power so far, so maybe they’re giving him his screen time early, and we’re going to see a spectator Goku cheering for other Fighters.

In Upcoming Episode 117 Ribrianne and others of universe two rush in to strike Goku, who activated UI and run out of stamina as an outcome.It looked like he would be taken out of the attacks of Ribrianne and her teammates, but then Android 17 and 18 come into help!

He’s been playing through his stamina, seriously more than any other competitor in the tournament.He already spent Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God and now Super Saiyan Blue while Fighting…..



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Why Goku Won’t Be The Last Man Standing From Universe 7

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