Dragon Ball Super Just Revealed The Real Power Of Kefla, Even Ultra Instinct Is Not Enough


Dragon Ball Super episode 115 is titled as Goku vs. Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Beaten?! According to Title, Kefla is going to beat Goku SSJ Blue.

So the question is how strong is Kefla and how far she can go?

Kefla is the fusion Between Kale and Caulifla.

Universe 6’s attendant Vados stated that Kefla’s power is more than ten times their individual powers combined, while Kefla herself said she feels the infinite power and Goku remarked that he cannot sense an end to it. During the fight with Toppo in the latest episode, Vegeta stated that he felt “an incredible energy.”

Fusion is not simple like A+B = C, It is A+Bx(dozens of times) = Potara fusion. Did people realize the insane increase is power when doing the fusion?? It is heavily stated since the 90’s that Fusion is the multiplication of Character A and Character B power level.

We are going to witness the power of Ultra Instinct again as Goku is going to fight Kefla (the fusion between Kale and Caulifa) which will be a severe threat. Meanwhile, Gohan and Piccolo are fighting with Universe 6 Namekians, and Vegeta is busy with Toppo.

Recent Spoilers tweeted by KenXyro.
It seems like Kefla is going to fight with Ultra Instincts Goku in episode 116 titled as Due to his limit fight with Kefla, Goku uses “Ultra Instinct” – the state which God cannot easily attain. In answer to Goku’s Ultra Instinct, Kefla powers up as well.Believe or not, that Kefla is now much stronger than Goku SSJ Blue.
We are going to witness a Deadly match Between Kefla and Goku Ultra Instincts in the upcoming episodes. While Fighting with Ultra Instincts Goku Kefla probably will receive a power boost.

Fusion has always been an insane power jump based solely on its formula which is an established core in Dragon Ball. But people just want to deny it because they cannot comprehend how insane Fusion can be or maybe they don’t know how crazy fusion result can be.


Revealed: Originally Super Saiyan 3 Was Supposed To Look Like This

Super Saiyan 3 is the third variant of Super Saiyan and the next in line to the SSJ 2 Transformation. This form removes every drop of potential from a Saiyan’s blood. Goku was the first to achieve the SSJ3 form.

Super Saiyan 3 transformation is to escalate the utilization of ki, and as a result, the change consumes far more energy than even SSJ 2. SSJ3 notably leads to extended levels of fatigue, even long after powering down.

Super Saiyan

As we know, SSJ3 just never quite felt right. It didn’t seem like a natural extension of the Super Saiyan line and Goku using it always extract his power too quickly. Whereas SSJ2 was just a powerful version of Super Saiyan that wasn’t even named when it introduced in the Cell saga, SSJ3 came out of nowhere.

As we know, SSJ2 and SSJ3 are just Variants or levels of the usual SSJ form itself, rather than being completely different transformations like Freiza.

caulifla super saiyan 3

Akira Toriyama stated in the Saikyō Jump’s June 2014 interview that Super Saiyan Powered up variants are SSJ2 and SSJ3 and that mastering Super Saiyan could increase its power beyond that of SSJ2 and SSJ3 without being exhausted.

I’m damn sure multiple guides and maybe even the manga state Super Saiyan 3. Can’t be achieved in standard conditions.

Goku was able to achieve it because he was dead at that time and Gotenks is a fusion body.

We have never seen Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2 transform with a tail before, but during the battle with Baby in GT, Kid Goku went Super Saiyan 3, his tail became gold in color just like his hairs.

The first sketch of Super Saiyan 3 by Toriyama had a Golden Tail, It kind of look like Goku from GT with a golden tail.

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