Dragon Ball Super: Is Broly Stronger Than Jiren?

The entire plot for Dragon Ball Super: Broly is out now and we know what happens with Broly’s character. I believe almost everyone who read the plot of the movie has one question on their minds: Is Broly stronger than Jiren? Well, we’ll be discussing that in this post. However, I want to warn you all about spoilers from the movie. If you don’t want to get spoiled, please leave this post right here. With that, we can begin. So first things first, how strong is Broly exactly?

Dragon Ball Super Broly Full Movie Spoilers

Well, Broly is very powerful, and in the movie, he is capable of taking Super Saiyan Blue Goku in base. In his Super Saiyan form after the death of Paragus, Broly is able to fight and dominate both Goku and Vegeta together. He was able to defeat and nearly kill Golden Freeza. He also fought Gogeta in his Super Saiyan state, but was largely dominated. Later, he unleashed the Full Power form, and fought back, but it turned out that Gogeta Blue was stronger. Goku later claims that Broly might be even stronger then Beerus himself. So that’s pretty much it about Broly.

As far as Jiren goes, he’s said to be above the level of a Good of Destruction, and that is when he was suppressed. Jiren revealed several times greater power later on as the Tournament of Power progressed. He was even able to match Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku who is stronger than the Beerus we know, according to the scans for Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 and Episode 130.

So on one hand, Goku says Broly ‘might’ be stronger than Beerus, which he probably is, and on the other hand, Jiren is stronger than Beerus. Jiren, when suppressed, was able to shake the world of Void with his power. That’s an incredible feat. This seems to imply that Broly is weaker than Jiren. However, it must be noted that Goku and Vegeta were both stronger than their former selves during the fight vs. Broly.

Ultra Instinct Jiren

Gogeta was, similarly, a lot more powerful than he would’ve been during the Tournament of Power. Also, as the fight between Broly and Vegeta started, he had trouble keeping up with Base Vegeta. Super Saiyan Vegeta was overkill at a point, and God Vegeta nearly killed him until he harnessed the power of the Oozaru in human form. But, Broly’s most lethal ability is gaining multiple Zenkai too fast. He literally grew from not being able to fight Super Saiyan Vegeta, to taking SSB Goku and Vegeta on together in base form. If they’re going to fight, Broly could gain multiple Zenkai in that fight as well.

That way, he could certainly win the fight. Further, Saikyo Jump preview said that “Broly is the strongest that Goku and Vegeta have ever faced and he holds power greater than a God of Destruction.” This certainly does imply that Broly is stronger than Beerus as well. Taking everything into context, I think Jiren is slightly stronger than Broly based on feats alone. But if the two were to fight, Broly would certainly keep on evolving, and I think that he’ll go on to win the fight.

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