‘Dragon Ball Super’: ‘Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc’ Villain Revealed

Dragon Ball Super has officially begun a new arc in the manga, and now we officially entered the arc this month. We all thought that the new arc was going to be the Broly one, but as it turns out, the manga is skipping that entirely to gain on the anime when it returns. Toyotaro did mention earlier that he wants the manga to get ahead of the anime, and Super going on break would let him accomplish that.

Dragon Ball Super Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc Villain

Now, he doesn’t need to rush anymore as he can draw at his own pace. The New arc’s synopsis tells us that Goku and Vegeta are training together and fighting each other when suddenly Bulma appears and she passes on a message from Mr. Satan to them. Mr. Satan said that some people were trying to kidnap Majin Buu from his house. On visiting the place, Goku and Vegeta find out that this is indeed true and Majin Buu is being taken away.

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc Villain Revealed

On attempting to stop them, they get knocked out by a gun, and when they wake up, they’re on the Galactic Patrol ship. They’re told that the reason why they were picking Majin Buu up was that they need the Daikaioshin that absorbed years ago when he became fat.

There’s a prisoner that has escaped from their grasp, and the Daikaioshin will help them achieve this mission. Now, we have our first look at the Prisoner, and it wouldn’t be too far off to call him Goat. I mean, he does look like one, after all. I do think that he’s going to be a very impressive villain. I’m sure that Toyotaro will be excited about this because this is the first time when he’s ahead of the anime and can finally draw the story the way he wants.

How powerful do you think this new villain is? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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