Dragon Ball Super Where Is Frieza?

Today’s episode is about Universe seven warrior Android seventeen facing the new God of Destruction named Toppo. Toppo says resistance is insignificant, but Android seventeen promises to do what he can to defeat him. Android seventeen launches a huge ki beam that Toppo deflects with his destruction Ki. Continuing to the Hakai the arena, android seventeen is having trouble hiding from the enemy. Then notices a pile of rubble and uses it to crush Toppo under it, when Toppo decides to destroy the base.

Despite getting a ton of rubble dropped on top of him. Toppo appears unscathed and blasts android seventeen with a large number of ki blasts. Android seventeen takes this head-on and is nearly defeated. Toppo says he can’t risk destroying android seventeen, so he builds a large ki blast to destroy him. But as he was about to do so, Freeza interrupts the attack with a Death Beam.

For Frieza fans out there, don’t worry to much, because your favorite villain is not eliminated just yet. As Toppo just thrown and knocked out his body, he falls on the rubble; so he’s still in the tournament.

Toppo has enough power to kill Frieza, although he holds back since he will be disqualified. As powerful as Toppo has become. Android seventeen isn’t backing away and is determined to fight back.

Toppo tries to shoot a huge blast, but is stopped by Frieza, who’s miraculously awaken from his previous beat down. Android seventeen is knocked down, so now we have Toppo vs Frieza which means round two.

Frieza gets off to a great start using a paralysis technique to make Toppo stationary. Well, that plan fails because Toppo starts moving again, and is on the warpath.At this point in the episode, Android seventeen and Frieza start both attacking Toppo. With Toppo being way to strong. Their attacks aren’t doing any damage.

As they are fighting, Jiren is still fighting with Vegeta and Goku. Their battle crosses over and Jiren’s blast hits Android seventeen and Frieza. Freeza then paralyzes Toppo in place and uses his telekinesis to launch more rubble at Toppo. Even with this Toppo remains unharmed. Grabbing Freeza by the neck, Toppo tosses Freeza aside as the three fights unleash a barrage of ki blasts on one another.

Once the smoke clears, Toppo says the two can’t win against the power of destruction. As he’s about to deliver the final blow, he’s interrupted by waves of energy as Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren’s fight makes it way to them. Then a wayward blast from Jiren hits Freeza and Android seventeen. Jiren and Toppo then decide to split up Vegeta and Goku, with Toppo claiming Vegeta as his opponent.

This is where round two of Toppo versus Frieza and  Android seventeen ends. Toppo faces new opponent Vegeta, which wasn’t the most logical choice as our Prince has so much power. Vegeta risks his life doing the same attack, which cost his life during the fight with Majin Buu. Vegeta’s intense training shows as to be a great help, saving his life and eliminating Toppo. As the smoke clear we saw TOP stage is broken in half.

After the elimination of Toppo is confirmed by Zeno Sama and Grand Priest, every fighter starts to appear from smoke. We see Vegeta without his gear completely damaged, Goku standing on top of a big rock against Jiren, and Android seventeen climbing up on the stage, but we have one warrior missing and that’s Frieza. Frieza is missing, when the episode ends. And Frieza appears not to be seen in the episode preview.

Universe 7 vs Universe 11
Universe 7 vs Universe 11

It’s possible that Frieza is hiding to so a sneak attack can happen. Like Jiren did, when Android seventeen was corned by Toppo. Or maybe this time Frieza is recovering from the fight, like he had with Toppo. When the Universe seven warrior defeats Jiren, maybe Freiza will attack Goku and Vegeta, as they will be out of stamina, and then he can carry out his evil plan. The last possibility is he’s eliminated already. What do you guys think? Let me know in comments or you can connect with me on Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram.

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