Dragon Ball Super Just Did [SPOILER] And Fans Are Really Mad About It


Hey everyone! Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is entering it’s final stages now, with near about 19 minutes still left, which isn’t a lot. In those 19 minutes, we’ll get to see a lot of exciting stuff. In the upcoming episodes, there is going to be an ultimate battle royal between a couple of Universes, and after Goku vs Kafla, we are focusing on Vegeta as well, which I think is great. Vegeta has really not been focused on in the Tournament of Power so far.


All we’ve seen from him is him taking out some fodder, while Goku has had some serious fights now. But, it looks like things won’t be going Vegeta’s way yet again. When you look at Super, things have barely ever gone Vegeta’s way. Even though Vegeta has trained more than Goku, and he should be stronger, he just doesn’t get the chances.

He was wrecked during Goku Black Saga, and he didn’t even get a chance to finish off Zamasu, which I think is what my fans, including me, wanted. He was used as a bait to show us what Hit’s abilities were, and Super’s approach towards Vegeta has been nothing but negative. Now, he’s fighting Toppo, and yet again, he’s not doing much, as all he can focus on is Goku.

He was hurt by Toppo as well, and that really shouldn’t be happening. It makes the difference between Goku and Vegeta seem huge, while there isn’t a lot really. What’s more, Vegeta will try to go Ultra Instinct in the upcoming episodes, and as you may have guessed, he fails badly at it. Whis trained both Goku and Vegeta in the mastery of self-movement. Vegeta has trained longer, so he should at least be able to do something, and not fail badly.

That’s not all. After failing at using Ultra Instinct, Vegeta will get attacked by Katopesla from Universe 3, and gets hurt. Someone who is leagues below Vegeta shouldn’t be able to pull things like this off. The consistency when it comes to power just isn’t there; all the more when it comes to Vegeta. The crew that’s handling Vegeta’s episodes really need to put some thought into it before fans lose their minds. I hope Vegeta improves in the future though.

Vegeta ultra instinct
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Toshio teased that Vegeta will be very cool in the future of the Tournament of Power, so I’m hoping that’s his moment. Because as of now, I just don’t see anything cool in him. He deserves his moments and characters like Ribrianne have been focused on more than him, which I think is crazy. Hopefully, that won’t be the case after a month or so, and we may see Vegeta go all out in the Tournament of Power because that’s what he’s all about. He shouldn’t fall behind Goku so much. But, that’s just my opinion. What do you think about Vegeta and how his character has been handled in Super so far? Let me know in the comments section below.


DBS Manga Just Revealed Jiren, And He’s A Lot Different

Jiren has been one of the main characters in the Universe Survival Saga, and you could say that he’s the focus; the final goal that every strong fighter wants to beat. In the anime, Jiren has been in action for some time, and we were able to see what Jiren was actually capable of.

If Toppo didn’t do a good enough job to hype him up, his fight vs Goku just gave us a clear picture of what a monster he truly was, and ever since then, I think everyone just wants to know more about him. Jiren’s power is out of this world, and we also got to know what Jiren’s character was like. He’s a proud warrior, who takes pride in being at the level he is. He takes the strongest of the opponent’s attacks head-on, breaks through them, and then crush them.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super Manga introduced Jiren to us, and well, he seems to be a lot different from what he is in the anime. In the anime, we saw that Jiren just doesn’t do much. He doesn’t speak much and doesn’t do unnecessary things. He is just too proud and has a sort of superiority complex (which is completely deserved, by the way). But, in the manga, he was portrayed slightly differently. He actually talks to Toppo and Dyspo, while in the anime, he doesn’t even bother to speak to them.

In the recent manga, I think his character is just




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