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One Of The Strongest Fighter Just Got Eliminated In DBS Episode 111

DBS EPisode 111

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 totally awesome and full of unexpected moments, and we have also got some news for Dragon Ball Super Episode 112.


Now, that’s a huge shocker, Hit is one of the finest in the tournament, and without Hit Universe 6 almost doesn’t have any shot at winning.

In DBS Episode 111, we did see Jiren dominating most of the time, but we also see Hit landing a legit blow on Jiren and even leaving a mark on his chest. Still most of thought Hit will get cornered but elimination is certainly a surprise and will make a statement that even major characters might get eliminated anytime now.

It’s a bit disappointing because you would expect him to be one of the top 5 survivors.

However, just like I explained in my preview breakdown for Dragon Ball Super Episode 111, I think Hit’s effort won’t be totally useless. And if you have seen the episode, Hit willingly takes attack from Jiren only to figure him, and later hits him perfectly on a vital point, leaving a hole like mark on his chest.

And we saw Goku observing the fight, and thanks to Hit willingly taking attacks, Jiren’s some techniques got exposed. Maybe not in the eyes of the audiences, but to Goku, which Goku will later use to defeat Jiren, and might explain how Hit’s fight actually helped him.

It actually makes sense why Hit decided to sacrifice himself, just to expose Jiren. He knew he was risking himself, but he also knew this is the only way Goku could figure out how to take him down, and thus Hit uses everything he has just to serve that purpose.

We know a mutual respect and understanding exists between Goku and Hit. He sacrificed himself because He would have Goku win the tournament over Universe 11 winning any day, so he knew one of them had to go down to figure this mess out, and after seeing Goku awaken Ultra Instinct he decided it had to be him.

Next episode, Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 is titled Saiyans Vow! Vegeta’s Resolve. Saiyans Pride And Bonds and Vegeta Helps Cabba! Summary – Universe 6 is targeted by other universes as they lose their. On the other hand Vegeta moves in to help his student – Cabba!

And today’s Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 was incredible.


Here’s Why Hidden Universe 4 Warriors Might Be Appearing Soon

The Universe 4 is known for its very unusual warriors. Master Roshi took out most of them before losing his stamina and nearly died. What is that one thing that separates them from other universes? Instead of relying on transformations which is how Universe 7 warriors fight, they are creative fighters who will use every advantage they can get to win the battle. And because of this, instead of many transformations, they have unique abilities that are not known to some popular universes.

Now that Roshi is out, the only smarty-ass characters left from Universe 7 are Piccolo and Frieza. I don’t really like relying into Frieza, but he might be a useful ally in fighting against Universe 4’s remaining warriors. He might know what it takes to defeat wicked individuals like him. He might actually try to cooperate with the Universe 7 guys.

What’s interesting about this Universe 4 warriors is that we have only seen eight out of their ten warriors. The remaining visible warriors is composed of a fat girl that wears a yellow shirt and the one with special thrusters on his back. We haven’t seen them in a while, but they are still kicking in the Tournament of Power.

The other warriors are insect-like creatures that are believed to be twins. Their names are Damom and Gamisarasu and they have special ability to manipulate their appearances. They are believed to be the reason why Quitela is still not worried even though Universe 4 only has four warriors left. The twins’ reveal might happen on the next episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

After Goku was defeated by Jiren and was engulfed by his own Spirit Bomb, warriors from other universes show their determination to survive. Universe 4 was one of the previewed warriors which were seen after the legendary fight. After Quitela’s scene, there was a scene

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