Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Spoiler: Vegeta To Save Cabba Against Frieza?


Universe 6 is expected to have a very hateful relationship with Frieza right now. After all, it was Frieza who eliminated their co-member, Frost. Even though nobody really likes Frost after the revelation of his true colors, his elimination is still a loss for the Universe 6 team.

But with Hit’s elimination, there is something that turned the tides of the Tournament of Power against Universe 6. The balance between the twin universes’ standings now changed favoring the Universe 7. Cabba needs to make up for Hit’s loss and he needs to surpass Hit’s efforts to make things better for Universe 6 again. The Universe 6 is in a very vulnerable position right now, and even Frieza knows that.

As Frieza sees it, this is an advantage on Universe 7’s side. They might have lost the battle against Jiren, but they are gaining the upper hand in the war. And seeing that the stress is the heaviest on Cabba’s shoulder because he is acting as the defacto leader, Frieza will nail him down. As seen in the preview, Frieza will target Cabba and one-sided match in which we all knew who would win.

This is where Vegeta will take a place in this episode. It can be seen that Vegeta kicked Cabba once again like how he did in the Universe 6 and 7 tournament. It seems like Vegeta will finally pull out his mercy and eliminate Cabba, because, without Cabba, remaining Universe 6 warriors will have no leader. But I don’t really think Vegeta will stoop to that level, especially as the Prince of Saiyans.

As a supposed-to-be King of all Saiyans, he takes pride in making Cabba stronger. It makes him feel like a Saiyan royalty once more. Just as when Frieza is about to finish Cabba, Vegeta will help Cabba as an instinct of a Saiyan Prince. It is impossible that Vegeta will ever let Frieza lay a finger on another Saiyan. That would be a double kill on his pride as a Prince.

Universe 6 currently has five warriors, Cabba, Kale, Caulifla, and the two Namekians. We will also see an ultimate Namekian battle in the next episode. Of course, Piccolo will not let the two other Namekians get the spotlight. With him and Gohan’s perfect coordination, we can see another battle for the pupil and student.


One Universe 7 Technique That Might Actually Work Against Jiren

Jiren is just so powerful that no matter what Hit or Goku do, they are still no match for the Pride Trooper. Goku was a match on his Ultra Instinct form, but he runs out of gas before evolving into a being more powerful than Jiren. And there is no absolute evidence that Goku will once again attain that state, so there is really no doubt that the winner of the Tournament of Power right now is the Universe 11.

ultra instinct jiren

But now that Jiren has fought (and defeated) at least three enemies (Maji-Kayo, Goku, and Hit), it is enough to notice some things about him that we never knew before. The first thing that might have popped out of your mind is Jiren’s Ki barrier that is powerful enough to block Hit’s whole-powered Ki blast like it is a water balloon. But what I noticed about Jiren the most is not his magical Ki barricade that seems to successfully repel on almost anything. It was his soul-piercing cold stare.

Jiren’s power seems to originate on his eyes. When playing tug-of-Spirit Bomb against Goku, he seems to be really really having a hard time using his hands as the output of his powers. But when he focused everything in his glare, everything changed, making his charge more powerful than before. Even Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20 was no match for Jiren’s glare.

Jiren also successfully deflected Hit’s ultimate Ki Blast by just his stare, plucked it from Hit’s grasp, and popped it like a water balloon. His stare can also produce those red multi-hit waves that he uses without moving. Whenever Jiren exerts….