Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 and 113 Leaked Photos and Spoilers

In Dragon Ball Super episode 111, we saw Universe 6’s assassin Hit getting eliminated and knocked out of the ring by Universe 11’s mighty warrior Jiren. Hit was one of the strongest warrior in the tournament of power, possibly No.3 strongest after Goku and Jiren but yet he still got eliminated.

dragon ball super episode 112

As Hit is eliminated Universe 6 is in some serious trouble as the strongest warrior from their team is out. Other Universes are taking advantage of this moment to attack Universe 6. Meanwhile Piccolo and Gohan from our Universe 7 are taking on the Namekian duo, Saonel and Pirina from Universe 6.

dbs episode 112

On the other side of the battlefield, Universe 4’s female warrior Monna is taking on Universe 6’s Cabba. As Cabba gets in some serious trouble, his mentor Vegeta from our Universe 7 steps in and rescues his student. It is still unclear if Vegeta is going to take down Monna or he is going to help Cabba take down Monna together.

dragon ball super episode 112

Gohan is extremely strong but don’t know what’s happening to him in tournament of power. How will Gohan and Piccolo spar against the Namekian duo, Saonel and Pirina? Dragon Ball Super episode 112 is titled “A Saiyan’s Vow! Vegeta’s Resolution!!”, it’s coming on Sunday, October 22.

dragon ball super episode 113

Dragon Ball Super episode 113 is titled “Thrilled! Fighting Manic Saiyans Battle Again!!” We will be seeing Goku, Calulifla and Kale in action. Caulifla takes advantage of Goku’s situation and attacks him but it didn’t turn out very well for her.

dragon ball super episode 113

She then calls her protegee Kale over to fight with her. Is still not revealed how Goku will handle the situation as Frieza only gave him enough energy to move around, Goku can’t even turn into a Super Saiyan as of now. Dragon Ball Super episode 113 is coming out on Sunday, October 29.


Jiren’s Mindblowing Power Level Confirmed In The Newest DBS Manga

Jiren is one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super. He was properly introduced in the Tournament of Power, and he belongs to Universe 11’s Pride Troopers. Ever since he was introduced to us, I think everyone wanted to see him fight against Goku.

A week ago, we got the one-hour special of Dragon Ball Super, and we were able to witness just how powerful Jiren was, really. He was able to crush Goku without even trying, and his glare was enough to defeat him. Talk about being overpowered! Jiren is without a doubt someone who is on the level of a God of Destruction. Whis specifically mentioned that Jiren has reached the level of a God of Destruction.

The rumors about a mortal who is stronger than a God of Destruction were true, and it appears as if that mortal was none other than Jiren. Recently, Toei confirmed Jiren’s monstrous power. This happened just before the One-Hour Special aired, and they mentioned something on their website saying when using his full power, he rivaled even the Gods of Destruction. I think it came as a shock to many. Jiren is a mortal, and even then, he has such monstrous power.

Now, even the Dragon Ball Super manga has confirmed that Jiren is as strong as the Gods of Destruction. But, that’s not all. They’ve made him even more overpowered! In Goku’s fight vs Toppo, we see the two having small talk with each other, and there Toppo mentioned something that just confirmed how powerful Jiren is.

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