Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 – 114 Titles and Spoilers Revealed

Days like today are always great in the Dragon Ball Community cause we have leaks for episodes happening after the 1 Hour Special this weekend! All the rumors of Goku being eliminated can finally be put to rest due to these official leaks!

We have lots to talk about from what happens with Goku vs Jiren, to Kale and Caulifla’s 2 part episode, and also a big episode surrounding Cabba and Vegeta! So if you like talking about spoiler’s, let’s talk about what’s to come!

Episode 111: A Battle of Extreme Level, Hit vs Jiren!
Now this title was released before, and this is what led to a lot of people thinking Goku gets eliminated by Jiren, cause Jiren goes off and fights Hit right after! This seems to not be the case, in fact Goku collapses due to fatigue and depleted power, and at that time Hit intervenes as a “pay back” to Goku for helping with Dyspo! Hit could also have his own motive to taking on such a strong opponent as Jiren, maybe Hit want’s to improve that much and knows he can fighting someone like Jiren. It seems Hit takes some of Jirens attacks on purpose in order to figure out Jirens style and to come up with a plan. As Hit tries to turn the battle around with Time Skip, it’s proven to be ineffective!

Episode 112: Vow of Saiyans, Vegeta’s Resolve!
Now this episode should be a Vegeta and Cabba fans favorite! I personally love the character of Cabba. I always thought Cabba was what it would be like if Vegeta was the hero, and seeing how Vegeta took to Cabba so quickly, maybe Vegeta felt kind of the same way! So this episode is going to focus around a hard battle between Cabba and a fighter from Universe 4 named Monna. As the battle get’s heated, Cabba fights for the upper hand as Cabba is blasted away by Monna. As Cabba is about to be eliminated, he is saved by his new Master.. Vegeta! Vegeta tells Cabba “Fight with no Regrets!”. Seems we could see some great development with Cabba!

Episode 113: Having fun! Combat loving Saiyans Battle Once More!
All the fans of Caulifla and Kale will be happy about this one! Universe 3 Warriors close in on Goku after his long, and intense battle with Jiren in order to eliminate Goku! Just who comes to Goku’s aid? The Saiyans of Universe 6, Caulifla and Kale!! They fight off the warriors to help out Goku. As the Warriors from Universe 3 disperse Caulifla and Kale ask Goku to fight them again! Goku of course accepts the challenge, but informs Caulifla and Kale that he is unable to go Super Saiyan due to his battle with Jiren, but his power will come back slowly as they fight and he regains his stamina!

Episode 114: Dreadful Situation, Sudden Appearence of the new Super Warrior!
This episode seems like this is when the Tournament will be flipped upside down! Up till now we were all under the impression that Jiren is the strongest Warrior in the Tournament of Power, it seems something may have been boiling under the surface that we didn’t know about! Kale’s Berserker power that we have seen so far is NOTHING compared to what she is truly capable of! This episode seems to show Kale and Caulifla continuing their battle with Goku, just when Kale snaps and looses control of her power that she just got control of.. Kale unleashes her TRUE Berserker power!

These are the information for the upcoming episodes, what do you think? It seems like this Tournament will not end pretty! What are your thoughts on the upcoming episodes? Let’s keep the conversation going by leaving your opinions and idea’s in the comments down below! As always, thanks for reading.


Dragon Ball Voice Actor Passes Away At The Age Of 89

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If the name seems familiar it may be because his work was not just limited to Dragon Ball, you could find his impressive Voice Acting in such projects like: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Lupin Part 3: Part 2, Monster, Ranma 1/2, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho among others! Saikachi has had an extensive and very long career in Japanese Anime but his list of credentials does not stop there!

Projects you could find Ryuji Saikachi that are not Anime are dub work for even big franchises like Disney in projects like: The Jungle Book, and the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise!

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