Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Major Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 major spoilers were revealed earlier. Read at your own risk.

This week universe 2 gets some showtime,  Brianne de Chateau teams up with her allies Suu and Sanka. These three girls has ability to transform into Magical girl as shown in the photo below.

Brianne de Chateau before transformation

Dragon Ball Super Episode 102

Brianne de Chateau after transformation

Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Spoilers

These girls are known as the Kamikaze Fireballs! The transformation completely changes them from their beautiful form but in return it makes them even more powerful. While Brianne de Chateau is transforming Android 17 from Universe 7 jumps in and attacks her mercilessly!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 102
Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Spoilers

His behavior is judged as gross, obviously by the members of Universe 2, and even Goku himself criticized Android 17 because of his merciless attack on Brianne de Chateau. Why exactly is Goku criticizing his own team-mate in Tournament of Power, where fate of his whole universe is on stake.

None the less, it’s going to be awesome seeing Android 17 vs Ribrianne in Dragon Ball Super Episode 102. We still have no clue on how everyone else reacted from Universe 7. Dragon Super episode 102 is titled The Power of Magic Explodes?! Universe 2’s Magical Girl Warrior!! The episode will air on Sunday, August 6, 2017.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is streamed officially every week on DaisukiCrunchyroll, and AnimeLab. Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 is titled “The Impending Warriors of Justice! The Pride Troopers!!” and it will be airing on Sunday, July 30, 2017 in Japan.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 Preview

Dragon Ball Super  , Doragon Bōru Sūpā, usually abbreviated DBS ) is a manga and a TV series broadcast on Fuji TV and rebroadcast on other Japanese channels every Sunday at 09:00, from 05 July 2015. It Is the first Dragon Ball TV series, 18 years after the last episode of Dragon Ball GT in 1997. The story begins a few years after the fight against Majin Buu, and begins with the arcs of the last 2 Dragon Ball Z movies : Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F .

The animated series Dragon Ball Super  is located between episodes 288 and 289 of Dragon Ball Z , and between chapters 518 and 519 of the paper manga. Ultimately, Toyotaro said  that  Dragon Ball Super  will end with the official end of the Dragon Ball manga of Akira Toriyama, that is to the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai, where Goku will leave with Uub.

The Dragon Ball Super series is developed by Toei Animation , in a process similar to  Dragon Ball , Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT . The manga is co-written and designed by Toyotaro, Akira Toriyama’s right-hand man. Akira Toriyama writes the main ideas, and Toyotaro uses them as a basis for developing the story. Toyotaro creates dialogues, illustrations, and even develops Toriyama’s ideas by adding or changing elements of Master’s plan. Toriyama also checks all Toyotaro storyboards for the manga. To do this, Toyotaro sends his boards to Toriyama, who reads them, then sends them back with possible corrections to Toyotaro, Get the perfect end product. Toyotaro also ensures that his manga follows the continuity of Akira Toriyama. Akira Toriyama said that it is Toyotaro’s taking of freedom to change the story that will make the final product better.

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  1. I think what would be really cool is to have either Vegeta and Goku or Goku and Gohan do fusion then go full power

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