Dragon Ball Super Episode 100: Caulifla New Transformation Revealed

Caulifla New Transformation Dragon Ball Super Episode 100

Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 was indeed great. However, Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 is going to be even more interesting. A new transformation for a certain character is revealed. It’s still unconfirmed if it’s real or not. But, that certain character is Caulifla and she’s getting a new transformation.

The female Super Saiyan from Universe 6 is getting a new form, somewhat similar to Cell Saga Trunks. In summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 – Rampage! The Berserker Awakens! It was mentioned that Caulifla is very interested in going further beyond her current super saiyan level. She wanted Goku to teach her how to go Super Saiyan Blue. Based on the image below, it seems she was able to push herself one step further by reaching Ascended Super Saiyan or you can call it Super Caulifla, just like Super Trunks.

Caulifla new transformation
Super Caulifla [Caulifla New Transformation]
Super Trunks Dragon Ball Super

Sorry for the bad image quality, as I mentioned above, her new form is somewhat similar to Super Trunks. Which he obtained from a trainer in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, to battle against Cell. At the moment we don’t have anymore information. Stay tuned for more information about Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 and Caulifla’s New Transformation.